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Episode # 2048 - Turing Back Time With Old Time Radio Dramas

October 8, 2018

Due to the Columbus Day Holiday today, this is a reair of one of Mike Starks most popular shows from July 16th, 2018.  Thank you and Happy Columbus Day everyone.

Mark Stark is back with us and he is very excited to be on the show today.  Joining him today to share this hour, is Carl Amari, who has helped Mike out with creating his Truth and Life App and is also on WGN Radio for WGN Radio Theatre, broadcasting of old radio shows from the Golden Age of Radio.  Carl talks about all the work he’s done to bring back the shows from radios Golden Age to modern listeners.  Both also share fond memories of their friendship and history, as well as taking a look back in the past during the 1930s and 40s.  For more information on Mike and Carl, visit online at:

Mike Stark: and

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