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Episode # 2044 - Leading To The Light

October 2, 2018

Due to Father Anthony having meetings today, this is a reair from September 11th, 2018.  Thank you.

The gang’s all here, with everyone doing well with the weather being good.  However, Father Anthony is still bothered and disturbed by the scandals and crisis going on within the church, on a global scale.  Father Anthony, Christina and Tony continue to share their thoughts and hopes to getting back to a better and much more good time than before.  For this, the phrase of the day Father Anthony uses to emphasize this is: “Lead to the Light.  Lead to God” in order to help us get through this.  Through this discussion and with this issue, Father Anthony asks many questions, including “Where do we go from here?”  in terms of getting through this and he and Tony and Christina try to answer them too.