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Episode # 2040 - Father Koys And The Internal Crisis Of Catholicism

September 26, 2018

Due to Father Koys being out of town this week, this is a reair of one of his most popular shows from August 29th.  Thank you. 

Father Koys is back with us, but due to the recent scandals going on within the church, Father Koys finds himself feeling down on this.  He continues talking about the sexual abuse scandals going on and how they have affected many people, leading to the idea of personal failures and that we need a healing factor to help in this.  This raises many points along the lines of family, marriage, sexuality, homosexuality, and others in a deeper sense.  Father Koys also shares some words of Bishop Bob Barron on this particular issue and looking at “the light at the end of the tunnel” for this situation and a way to heal and figure out where do we go from here in terms of getting through it.