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Episode # 2023 - Interview With Father James McIlhone

August 31, 2018

Due to the Labor Day Weekend, this is a reair from July 30th and will officially air on Labor Day: September 3rd, 2018.  Thank you and have a good and Happy Labor Day.

Mike Stark is back with us today on the show and today he has a very good friend of his on the show with him, Father James McIlhone from the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Father James is a very knowledgeable man and good friend of Mikes, who just retired from 44 years of service in the Archdioceses.  Father James shares his history of becoming a priest and the work he did while in service as a priest and talks about an upcoming Pilgrimage in 2019.  Father James also shares how he spent time with, worked with, and knew Cardinal George. For more information on Father James, visit online:

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