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Episode # 1988 - Reactions To The Show And Society

July 12, 2018

Due to Father Anthony still being away visiting family, this is a reair from June 22nd and will officially air tomorrow, Friday July 13th.  Thank you.

TGIF everyone and as promised, Father Anthony is back with us, along with Christina.  Father Anthony starts off with talking about a person who listened yesterday to the show for the first time and complained to Father Anthony about what was talked about on the radio.  He also picks up the discussion from yesterday with immigration, but first focusing on the Church, as well as using this reaction from this person as a way to talk about the many responses people have on things going on around us in society.  Again, with immigration in mind, he shares things to address this topic, including 5 key principles.  On the other hand, Father Anthony and Christina share some of the more good and positive things along these lines too.