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Episode # 1968 - Stress And The Wrath Of God

June 15, 2018

Due to Father Anthony being away for his treatments and again, he is doing very well and okay, this is another reair from May 18th and also from April 20th.  Thank you.  And from all of us at Winds of Change, we wish you all a Happy Fathers Day this weekend too.  

TGIF everyone as April now starts to feel more like April.  Father Anthony is here and he is flying solo today, until Christina (Tony a bit later) arrives.  Today, stress seems to be the word of the day and on everyones mind, due to lots of things going on, which Father Anthony says “obey the laws of God and have a balance of life.”  Father Anthony reminds all that God is here and He knows everything that we are going through and helps and protects as any parent would to their children.  With God in mind, Father Anthony continues his discussion from yesterday and Tuesday, but another component this time is: The Wrath Of God and the consequences in not believing in Him and/or rejecting Him.