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Episode # 1686 - Promoting The Wisdom Of John Adams

May 17, 2017

Due to schdule complications, this is a rebroadcast from May 3rd.  Thank you


Father Koys is back with us and Tony joins us today and as always, Father Koys, is “going to need a bigger boat” as the most famous line from Jaws fills the void on that with Father Koys having much to discuss today and not enough time to discuss it, LOL.  But he starts off continuing his discussion from last week on John Adams and focuses on 1826 in history and the letters he wrote.  He also goes into talking about Stanley Bell as well here and finding “cracks” as well.  He provides some historical readings surrounding these men and things with them. With trying to promote the wisdom of John Adams, Father Koys brings to mind an audio segment he heard from a recent speech given, challenging that statement, in the past and present sense, which in a way in the historical sense led to the formation of the United States Itself.  He also shares several radio heroes Father Koys has with this speech in mind.  He also uses some more Star Wars references to illustrate some of the points too, including pointing out the greatest character, Darth Vader here and the “Power of the dark side here.”