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Episode # 1681 - The Hour Of Power

May 10, 2017

As the title says and Father Koys says, it’s an Hour Of Power for him to “wrinkle your brain” again as he often does on the show today.  He continues a bit from where he left off last week, discussing Faith and Patriotism in America.  With Mother’s Day this Sunday, Father Koys reminds us to not only show appreciation to all our mothers, but to the Mother Of Christ Herself, Mary as well as sharing some Mothers Stories for us all to hear as well, including about some very historical mothers and historical figures.  He also brings up, with Tony today moral issues too, as well as stated before, Father Koys goes back to last week’s discussion and further analyzes several points and examining things further, including the idea of “The American God” that he and Tony have looked at before.  Father Koys goes further into talking about more on the Foundation Of America and its formation during the times of the Thirteen Colonies.  This in turn, relates to things going on in the rocky times we face today and with rocky subject matter, such as divorce.