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Episode # 1081 - The Consecrated Life

January 19, 2015

On this Monday towards the end of January, we at Winds Of Change are very excited to welcome again as guest hostess Sr. Alicia Torres after a period of absence.  Joining her today, instead of Christina, Gerri, and Tony, she is joined by two very special guests; Monica Trevino, a consecrated woman of the Regnum Christi and Msgr. Dennis Lyle.  Today's topic discusses the Year of Consecrated Life and share many views and opinions from various members of the Church, considering the history and future of Consecrated Life.  Fr.  Lyle shares about the nature of Consecrated Life, the origins of Consecrated Life hopes for the future.  Monica Trevino talks about her form of Consecrated Life as a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi, explaining what it's like, as well as her own life and how it differs from religious life.  As the discussion continues, all three discuss how this subject relates to what several figures have talked about, such as Pope Francis and Pope St. John Paul II. A special aspect of the conversation is the topic of joy, leading to Fr. Lyle and Monica Trevino to express their opinions on the aspect joy within the Consecrated Life.