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Episode # 1077 - Blessings Offered

January 13, 2015

Once again, Jim Littleton joins us as guest host this week, joined by Christina and Tony and today things are pretty good for a Tuesday.  Today, Jim talks about that with the fear and confusion we face in the world, he reminds us that God is with us and helps us.  He shares some Gospel readings on this subject to help illustrate these points and reminding us that God is with us.  Jim continues on this, reminding us about how God and Jesus can help us in our times of need and help us in the "storms" of our lives, with Jesus in our souls to provide help and guidance.  Also, to help talk about this, Jim shares some personal experiences and family experiences with this in mind, including the birth of some of his children.  He also shares passages from his book for us all to hear along this discussion with God helping and supporting us and that when we get depressed, he helps us and supports us too, as well as scriptures and psalms to offer blessings today.  For more on Jim Littleton and his family, as well as Forming Faithful Families, visit;