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Episode # 1923 - Generations Drawn Back To The Church And Their Faith

April 13, 2018

Due to Father Anthony having other commitments today, he is back and doing very well and will be back next week on the show, this is another reair from March 16th, 2018.  Thank you.

Feeling frazzled, possibly due to Friday Feeling or that he woke up at 1 AM this morning from sinus congestion, Father Anthony needs Tony and Christina to help him.  Help him they do, but despite being up early at 1 AM, Father Anthony recounts the Children’s Mass this morning and dealing with the wonderful children.  The three continue their discussion again from yesterday, on how things are the way they are these days and how young people are distancing themselves from religion and their faith, leading to rediscovery.  The discussion continues more along the lines of young people and their relationship with technology and how there are many different diverse groups of people these days in society.