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Episode # 1475 - To What Extent Are We Responsible For The Sins Of Another

Due to Father Anthony being away due his continuing treatments, and Producer Nick with scheduling conflicts, this is a rebroadcast again from May 31st 2016, and June 2nd 2015.  Thank you and we apologize for any problems and will officially air tomorrow.

On this Tuesday, the laughs keep coming at the start of the show, with Christina bringing the laughs talking about humorous things, and work related too, but everyone seems to be in good feelings.  Things are pretty good around here with everyone getting ready for the St. Stans Annual Carnival at the start of June and it's getting prepared.  The first topic of the show is Father Anthony asking where most atheists are located, or to be specific which city is.  Answer: (spoiler alert) Seattle.  This in turn leads into a discussion on God himself and us as well with our relationship with Him.  Father Anthony brings up a few serious things along the lines of compassion being misplaced in our times of stress, leading to hate which in turn leads to more frustration.  This also gives way to sins and us being sinners at times, with us not taking responsibility for the sins we make and that we blame others.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony provides methods or ways of salvation for us, especially turning to God and/or the Light of God. This in turn leads to "feeding" the soul with God and turning to God with the "vitamins" He provides, as one would take vitamins.       


Episode # 1474 - Dave Carollo and Father Joshua

Also, wish to point out that on the live show had many technical problems and we apologize for any problems and inconveniences.  Thank you.

Dave Carollo is back on the show again today as a guest host for Father Anthony being away due to his continuing treatments and is joined by Father Joshua who has been on the show before and both men discuss the latest things going on in society today.  Both share their opinions on how our relationship with God, brings us closer to His love, as well as His help in times of need and help.  Dave also shares some of his past fun and experience once again with the Blue Army of Fatima.  These two also are very excited for upcoming events this month and next month, including the Tour Of Peace, with Father Joshua sharing more information on that.  With many of these in mind, both share facts on the topic of free will here with our relationship with God and the world.  For more information on Dave Carollo, Father Joshua and what they discussed and upcoming events, visit online at either: and/or  


Episode # 1473 – Signs Of The Times We Live In The Present: 2016-Part 2

TGIF everyone and today is very special for Gerri is here and celebrates her 81st birthday today, only the celebration is interrupted by that Gerri fell this morning and has a black eye today, but don’t worry she is okay and she is in a good mood and happy today too.  The whole gang is here, not only to wish a happy birthday to Gerri, but Father Anthony picks up the discussion from yesterday with so many things to discuss that people face and go through today.  However, since it’s Gerri’s birthday, a bit of history is shared about her, not only her life, but her friendships with Father Anthony and everyone and how much she has done over the years.  Afterwards, Father Antony continues his discussion from yesterday in how people worship God and how that kind of worship, as well as relationship, is seen around us with other things.  He also shares possible ideas of how people can deal with these topics, and bring peace, harmony, and a sense of being that someone (God, and/or friends/family/coworkers) has our back.  Father Anthony also shares a bit of history on this subject, with the times changing and are different.  This allows for co-hosts Gerri, Christian, and Tony to voice their opinions on things that people do today and what they can do or how they act with topics discussed, not only in their/out way, but God’s way.  All in all, Father Anthony says that we live in a confused and deceptive time, but with God’s help, we get through it.     


Episode # 1472 - More Signs Of The Times We Live In The Present: 2016

The heat is on today, literally, for on this very hot day in Chicago, Father Anthony returns after having a fever for a few days, and now back live on the air, unfortunately, it’s a very hot and humid day today and everyone is feeling it, both in and out of the studio.  Father Anthony has much to talk about today, due to being away for his chemotherapy every other week, and being back in the area, going back and forth is taxing sometimes, but he is okay and recovering.  One of the things discussed today is the idea of “serving God” and how it compares to people being served around us.  Another is Father Anthony being overwhelmed by many things, not just his therapy, but work and other things that can stress a person out, but feels grateful to all those who sent their thoughts and prayers to him, and still are, which allows him to share his recent feelings on things, related to him going through his recovery from cancer.  This once again leads to discussing the “signs of the times” we live in today, which includes not only applying to the laws of God, but people emulating people in society, as well as the terrible recent tragedy in France, and other things around us, such as the topic of transgender.       


Episode # 1471 - Father Koys Back In July Post 4th Of July Week

Due to Father Koys having scheduling conflicts and out of town, this is a rebroadcast from two weeks ago, on July 6th, and will officially air tomorrow.  Thank you very much. 

Father Koys is back today, after about a week or so of other things to take care of and on this Post-4th Of July week, Father Koys goes into looking into Patriotic actions and acts of both past and present, during this challenging time and says it’s hard to be optimistic, with lots of bad news around us.  With historical reference today, 1776, the 4th of July in history today.  With the help of a coin (quarter to be exact), Father Koys helps this to discuss the good and bad, with things having “two sides” as well as what the coin helps illustrate in what Father Koys is talking about today, as well as heads vs tails, good vs bad, objectivism vs subjectivism in mind.  As well as what other means the coin has, not just value, but physical and symbolic.  After the first break, Father Koys has more letters from John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to share with our listeners, raising some very interesting facts and thoughts on the Church too.  This also brings to mind Hilary Clinton and her recent email situation that was in the news a few days ago.      


Episode # 1470 - The Return And Recovery Of Father Anthony Continued…

Due to Father Anthony still having a fever, but recovering okay, this is a rebroadcast from June 7th, 2016.  Thank you.

Father Anthony is still here this week and doing pretty good and is joined by Christina and Tony today and Father Anthony continues his discussion from yesterday, first thanking everyone for their prayers, well wishes, cards, and thoughts out to him for a well, speedy recovery.  Also, he shares and continues more on the experience he had during all this.  And reminds everyone to pray for the child Joseph who is also diagnosed with cancer, as Father Anthony shared yesterday and offers everyone to continue to send their thoughts and prayers for him too.  Father Anthony is still overwhelmed with what to pray for, due to so much suffering is going on in the world.  After the first break, Father Anthony has much to talk about, some things he promised yesterday to continue on, as well as things that he wants to bring up due to his recent medical experience due to his, as he calls it: “medical exile.”  He also shares much on what is going on in the world, as well as God being around us and helping us, as well as things with people, mainly focusing on “the salt of the Earth” here.   


Episode #1469 - The Start Of Father Anthony’s Return

Due to Father Anthony not feeling well, due to a fever, but he is doing okay and recovering, but this is a rebroadcast from June 20th, 2016.  Thank you.

Today is a very hot, but very special Monday, for today, Father Anthony returns during his latest treatments for his recovery from cancer and everyone is on the show today, including a rare thing with Producer Oscar, the man behind the show and who has helped start the show 5 years ago and is here on the show today in honor of Father Anthony recovering, who is here to “clear his name” after talking about him on the show a few times.  Father Anthony with Oscar here shares some historical facts around the (as the intro of the show says) tiny island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea, some surrounding himself too.  The discussion leads to a fun and funny defense battle between Father Anthony and Oscar, which Oscar visited Father Anthony when he was in the hospital, as well as past experiences, even though Father Anthony claims he didn’t invite him on the radio today, LOL.  The laughs continue throughout the show with these two gentlemen, defending each of their good names, LOL, but all in the fun.  Oscar also shares some of the history surrounding the Mayo Clinic where Father Anthony went for his medical procedure, as did Oscar who kept Father Anthony up with his snoring.  However, Father Anthony brings up many positive things with Oscar in mind, with what he has done and helped with everything for the show, past present, and future.  This leads into how we do things for love, not just love of those around us, but for the love of God and Christ and how we carry each other through things.    


Episode # 1468 - TGIF And Father Anthony Goes Away again

Due to Father Anthony being away for his continuing treatments, this is a rebroadcast from June 17th.  Thank you and Father Anthony will be back next week and live on the air. 

TGIF everyone and things are going well, for Father Anthony has returned and has been on this whole week due to him being away in medical exile.  Also, the St Stans Carnival is going on, unfortunately making parking rough for everyone, again, as always and the studio spider is in, freaking out and scaring, (but making everyone else laugh), Christina, but okay.  Also, Gerri is back today after being away after Monday. But due to Father Anthony recovering and still recovering, and very well, but he has to leave for another week due to his treatments which going well and he’s doing very well too.  Thoughts go out to fellow St Stans staff member, Frank who has helped out a lot this week, including parking Gerri’s car due to the Carnival.  On this last day of Father Antony’s return, before his ultimate and triumphant return permanently to Winds of Change, Father Anthony shares more on those who sent him cards, as well as listening to him this week, overwhelming him with joy through this week, including Sister Rosemary.  This brings to mind from Gerri, that all this and everything on Winds Of Change, a sense of family, connection, friendship, and closeness.  As the show goes on, this topic is shared further in other areas connected to it, such as closeness to God.  On a different note, the topic of talking about the Amish continues or is finally brought up, causing everyone to wonder this past week if Father Anthony mentioned/talked about them on the show this week, talking about their lifestyle and culture.  With the Amish lifestyle and culture in mind, Father Anthony reminds us about detaching ourselves from some things in our lives.  After the second break, Father Anthony mentions the methods of dating and courtship in the Amish culture, differentiating it from what everyone does in society today.  Towards the end of the show, Father Anthony mentions facts talking about Saint Anthony.  


Episode # 1467 - TGIAF With Father Anthony’s Return

Due to Father Anthony being away for his treatments, this is a rebroadcast from June 16th.  Thank you

The week of Father Anthony’s return continues and today on this Thursday, St Stans is preparing today for the Annual St Stans Carnival starting today and continuing through this weekend, so Father Anthony and staff invite everyone to come out and enjoy as always.  Father Anthony reminisces about the way things have changed, in particular around St Stanislaus Kostka and the area of Chicago it’s in, bringing back many fond memories from his past.  This continues what Father Anthony was talking about yesterday too, about Life and God. Father Anthony also shares how he visited with the students, who haven’t seen him since his medical exile as Father Anthony states a lot, but feels very happy from that.  As he keeps stating throughout the week, Father Anthony is very happy to be back and a good sign of his recovery is that he is getting his appetite back.  He also continues on a persons relationship with God and reminds us that He will help us.


Epiosde # 1466 - Fundamental Flaws

Father Koys is back after being away and is once again, as every Wednesday, he is happy to be here.  He is in good spirits today and has much to talk about, with, as before on previous shows, he’s got many topics to discuss, and he states he may need Producer Nick’s help, due to he’s alone on the show today.  Father Koys would also like to strike a conversation, so to speak, with various members of the Church Community with what is talked about today, such as Pope Francis, but not in a bad way.  With getting ready to engage in friendly discussions today, Father Koys shares what he finds to be a fundamental flaw within our political lives, as well as from his Thomas Jefferson and Sam Adams play he did last week, with a wonderful success.  With both of these in mind, Father Koys voices his opinion on things Pope Francis and other people in powerful positions deal with and face certain things.  One of the major points shared from Father Koys is that so much of what is around us, is that our generalities and ambiguities get affected by them.  This of course, raises questions Father Koys shares and provides possible answers to. With all this in mind, Father Koys shares an audio clip from his old friend Bishop Bob Baron and his recent talk surrounding birth control, divorce, and other  issues, which might not be issues at all, and Father Koys sharing his opinion.