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Episode # 1060 - TGIF, Memories, And The Twelve Days Of Christmas

TGIF everyone and today seems to be a Freaky Friday or Friday Feeling is in the air, with so much going on, Father Anthony just makes it in to the studio to start the show today to get things going after sadly dealing with a funeral this morning.  So much is going on today, as well as this past week, with Advent going on and Christmas next week too.  However, the discussion talks about funerals, past and present here on the show, a bit of sad topic, but brings back many fond memories of people.  It also brings back memories of good people that everyone has known at St. Stanislaus Kostka and everyone reflects on them.  With talking about funerals here, the idea of  bringing hope and good memories of good people and trying to focus on the good, rather than bad is shared here.  Things take a different turn with the discussion talking about today's Feast Day as well as other readings and feelings on these.  After the second break, Father Anthony discusses as we prepare for Christmas next week, Father Anthony brings to mind several historical things, including the 12 Days of Christmas,which actually (if you didn't know) begin at Christmas and continue after, relating to how the 12 Days Of Christmas, including the Carol, saying what each of the 12 gifts stand for or represent.   

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Episode # 1059 - Interview With ENCOURAGE COURAGE

Today is a very special day, not only is it almost the weekend again, but Father Anthony has some very special guests on today from the group called ENCOURAGE COURAGE.  But first he opens the show about yesterday and the children's concert last night, with the kids singing very well and excited for Christmas coming next week and shares much on this with things going on, once again with lot's on his mind.  However, as the show goes on, Father Anthony introduces Maria Vargas, Tom Jebson, as well as James, from all over the Chicago and suburbs near or around Chicago.  They are here, as Father Anthony has been trying to bring them on the air for some time, but the topic discussed is the topic of homosexuality, which has been discussed before, but how it's changed or with changes in the Church.  They are here to "open doors" surrounding this topic discussed, especially with the fact that some of the children of the guests have dealt with this and James himself.  James shares a personal experience with being helped by ENCOURAGE and the Church, being gay himself.  After James shares how much he has been helped by this and guided, Maria and Tom share stories about their sons who went through similar situations with not only themselves, but family and others.  For more information on Encourage Courage, visit online at their web site:

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Episode # 1058 - Ideology And Intentionality

Father Thomas Koys is back on this Wednesday, filling in for Father Anthony Bush as usual and very excited to be here and joined by Tony and Producer Nick, seems only a boys show today.  Diving right in, Father Koys talks about not knowing where the show is going to go today, however gives an idea with where going and those two words are ideology and intentionality, which some people might not use in their usual routines and daily lives, but Father Koys wants to try to bring these here.  Also, to bring a good meaning and use these words in the right way in the discussion today.    To help illustrate this, the show Fractured Fairy Tales is brought up along these lines, for those of you who remember was a show withing the show Rocky And Bullwinkle and uses the story of the Emperor's New Clothes to talk about these two words, as well as bring to mind things with figures today, including the new Archbishop and Pope Francis.  He also talks about the fear some people have with these words too, in terms of things in our lives.  With these two words, Father Koys tries to separate Faith from Robotic Faith here as the show goes on in terms of beliefs, as well as with nations too. 

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Episode # 1057 - A Multitasking Day

Here on this Tuesday in the third week of Advent, today's focus on today is Joy and the concept of joy we feel in life.  The show starts off with Father Anthony mentioning that he's multitasking, with so much going on.  For instance, confessions again from the children from St. Stanislaus Kostka school, as well as financial things with St. Stanislaus Kostka, and other Feast Days coming up, and Christmas.  Either waaaaayyyy behind himself, or waaaaayyyyy ahead of himself Father Anthony feels today, however, everything comes together.  On a different note, Father Anthony asks everyone in the studio "What is your favorite Christmas Movie?" resulting in the answer, It's A Wonderful Life, starring Jimmy Stuart and Donna Reed, which has several relations to Faith, as well as Christmas, however the discussion leads to talk about it's director.  This leads to further discussions once again on the idea/concept/thought/reality that we are in a Spiritual Battle.  After the first break, Father Anthony has many problems today, but has help from all on the show, but he relates to the readings from this morning.  He also talks about much going on all around today with Advent and Christmas.    

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Episode # 1056 - Another Good Monday

Monday is here loyal listeners and welcome back to the show, with everyone being extremely, happy today, with so much going on not only today, but over the weekend as well.  With this being the third week of Advent and Christmas coming around soon, there is much going on.  The opening is along the lines of no one seeing a sad Saint with a Long Face.  However, sad things are brought up, and we hoping to take away the pain and sorrow, but trying to reassure that the Smiling Face of Jesus is with us and here for us.  Everyone is here, including both Producers Nick and Armand too, the whole crew is here, even Oscar, who has been associated with the show.  What has been happening this morning is shared, including being worthy of a parking space with Gerri and Father Anthony.  Since there have been many Feast Days of great importance this past week, Father Anthony shares much on what was and has been done to celebrate those, as well as a reminder of their importance, including how the Lord communicates to us.  Father Anthony also brings up our relationship with God and The Lord, with how the world functions with and for us.  We being survivors is discussed after the second break later on in the show, talking about how we deal with the struggles we go through and dealing with the dark night of the soul. 

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Episode # 1055 - TGIF And The Feast Day Of Our Lady Of Guadeloupe

TGIF everyone and today is the gang's all here, that is Father Anthony is joined by not only his usual group, Christina, Gerri, and Tony, but both Producers Nick and Armand, as well as Tony's wife Angelica, who's been on the air before, joins us today.  Today, lot's have been going on, for everyone has been very busy, both on and off the air with so much to do.  That is because of not only the show, but today is The Feast Day Of Our Lady Of Guadeloupe and everyone is excited today on that.  Christina shares with us a song to celebrate this Feast Day and sings for all of us to hear.  Everyone also shares how many Parishes, in fact many around the world, are doing many things and events to celebrate this Feast Day as well.  After the first break, the discussion takes a more historical turn, bringing much information related to the Feast Day Of Our Lady Of Guadeloupe, but in a very different direction here. 

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Episode # 1054 - Feast Day Of St. John Of Damascus

Due to scheduling conflicts, this is a rebroadcast from last Thursday, 12/4/14.  We apologize for any problems and/or any inconveniences.  Thank you very much. 

It seems that on this Thursday, there is sooooooo much to do and everyone has had a busy morning while at St. Stanislaus Kostka.  A good Thursday as Father Anthony says, but things are going ok and Father Anthony says that this place would make a great reality show.  It's been a wild morning for everyone, with as stated above, so much going on, for Gerri talks about not having privacy in her work, and Christina points out how we get in moods, but with God's help to fix or ease that.  Today is the Feast Day of St. John of Damascus, and his Feast Day is shared.  Many memories are brought up along these lines here, especially with Father Anthony's trips to Rome.  After the first break, historical facts are shared about St. John of Damascus and his connection with working with Muslims and Islam, as well as himself being not only the Saint he is, but a doctor and more.  Father Anthony continues on this with him, as well as bringing up the idea of God, showing us the way, also in terms of being busy and crazy busy today.  Towards the end of the show, Tony is asked how he is doing, tired out but ok and doing alright like everyone, but busy too, as does Producer Nick talks about being like that, busy working three jobs and these two bring to mind the idea of God's Mercy here. 

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Episode # 1053 - Going In The Left Or Right Direction

With the Season Of Advent upon us, Father Koys today talks mostly about that subject, including the idea of reincarnation, and with all this in mind, to talk about our Faith in general.  This is a very good subject and one that Father Koys has talked about before, but goes into more depth here.  He also reminds us about many things coming up, including the Our Lady Of Guadalupe, with many of our listeners getting ready to celebrate this.  Tony also joins Father Koys in the studio today too, again "flying" in.  But before that, Father Koys shares with us all an article he has for us that deal with many things going on in the world, including what he wants to discuss later, as well as play a part in the Advent and Christmas season this year.  With this opening article Father Koys reads, he hopes that it encourages people to think  or "wrinkle your brain" as Father Koys says/plays on his show periodically, as well as encouraging what direction to take or possibly take.  After the first break, Father Koys talks about ideology and it's relationship to religion and Faith, as well as talking about ideology as a phrase too.  He also shares an interview from Clay Christensen here with him saying and talking about religion and the law, as well as this clip relates to Father Koys talking about either going in the "left" or "right" direction we have to take with discussing religion and governments too.     

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Episode # 1052 - Giving Tuesday

Due to Father Anthony having obligations today, this is a rebroadcast of the show from 12/2/14.  We apologize for any problems or any inconveniences.  Thank you very much. 

On this second Tuesday of December, everyone is sitting in the "ice box" as Father Anthony talks about the heat being off, temporarily of course, but things are going ok today so far and Tony is here today along with Christina, for Tony talks about how he helped a friend move yesterday and tired out from it, being the only guy to help is one way.  Gerri is missed today, however she is probably giving blood today, being her good deed today.  Today is Giving Tuesday, that people should, could, will, or do give to those who need help and help others, a unique turn since Black Friday was last week and Cyber Monday yesterday for all shoppers.  After that, Father Anthony starts off the show with more on the season of Advent being here, as he discussed on that yesterday and didn't get the chance, but today continues on this subject.  After the first break, Father Anthony asks Christina and Tony, as well as everyone listening to consider thinking about this question, "If you had 15 minutes, what would you do?" in terms of Giving Tuesday being here today, with Christina and Tony sharing their feelings on what they would do/give.  Father Anthony talks more on Advent too as well as Giving Tuesday, including saying much on Jesus Himself and the Biblical Teachings provided and that each day provided by God is a gift, with us expressing or hopefully expressing gratitude for that to Him, with each day being a new beginning when the day starts.          

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Episod # 1051 - Feast Day Of The Immaculate Conception

Monday Mood seems to be getting to everyone today, or it could be that, as well as that it's snowing, raining, and foggy out there today in Chicago.  Everyone is once again, "flying" in this afternoon to start the show, but everyone seems to be ok.  Things were busy for everyone over the weekend, with so much going on with Masses and things to celebrate days going on for Advent and Feast Days too.  With so much going on, Father Anthony talks about what has been happening lately, not only at St. Stanislaus Kostka, but everywhere.  Some of the things discussed are a bit sad, as well as some very personal, touching stories about people.  Tony arrives a bit later on after the first break, and since today is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, the history behind this is shared.  Father Anthony also stresses the importance of this Feast Day, not only to Mary the Mother of God, but also to everyone all around and us as individuals too.     

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