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Episode # 1553 – Latest Info On Cultural Developments

TGIF everyone and the first focus was that many birthday’s were going on.  However the Nativity is talked about, not only in Father Anthony’s readings from earlier, but now for the show as well.  Tony arrives after being away yesterday, due to car problems, which he still is dealing with, but makes his way in.  The main topic of the show today is on Father Anthony sharing the latest information on what he says are, “cultural developments,” with how things have changed around us in society and things.  After the first break, Father Anthony talks a bit about the family once again, with some families he knows to help talk about this, as well as the previous subject on how society has changed somewhat.  The conversation shifts a bit with talking about cultural developments, with continuing on the subject of transgender bathrooms that has been in the media for a while, which in turn brings to mind talking about gays and lesbians on the show today, as well as babies born.  On a final topic towards the end of the show, Father Anthony talks about, as stated above, the Nativity of St. John.      


Episode # 1452 – Where Do We Fit In?

It’s Thursday or TGIAF as they say on the show and Father Anthony is very excited to be on the air today and other things as well today have made him excited, including mentioning the Apostle of Mercy, with the statue of Mary coming around, including to St. Stanislaus Kostka too, bringing everyone a feeling of excitement too.  With Father Anthony being back, one thing he hasn’t done yet is drive his car, bringing that to mind now, as well as other memories too.  The discussion brings to mind the family of Jesus, including His cousins.  Something Father Anthony wanted to share this week finally comes up today, sharing the story of recent Feast Days and shares his history today.  With this in mind, Father Anthony talks about the way things are today too.  This brings to mind as all three, Father Anthony, Christina, and Gerri ask, “Where do we fit in?”  with things today and some interesting results. 


Episode # 1451 – America In 1826

Father Koys is back, and after being away for other reasons, and with Father Anthony being on the show a few Wednesday’s ago, he has returned too.  Today with history in mind, Father Koys focuses on 1826 in American History, a year that Father Koys has been talking about and had on the mind for some time, especially with Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in mind once again.  This tragic day in American history is sad and tragic due to both these men died on the same day of that year as well, with Father Koys providing some details behind this.  He also brings to mind some of the dangers with what is talked about during that time period, leading into the times today.  He also brings to mind the Chicago Cubs doing pretty good so far this year too.  Father Koys also invites everyone to come to Lemont, IL in July for his Adams And Jefferson performance. As the show goes on, Father Koys tries to explain and talk about America as it was then and now, with evidence that Father Koys says he has from letters from both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, allowing you loyal listeners to be the judge of that, as well as Christina and Tony too.     


Episode # 1450 – Reparation With Dave Carollo

After a slight slow start due to a power failure overnight, (as pointed out on the show) and we apologize for any problems or inconveniences, the show gets going and today is special for after guest hosting the show for some time while Father Anthony was away in his medical exile, Dave Carollo is back but on the other end today, that is a guest for the show.  Dave talks to everyone on what Our Lady Of Fatima has been doing these past few weeks, in terms of projects and reparation too. This brings to mind many recent tragedies, including the Orlando, FL shootings at a gay club last week, as well as how people are in general today in the times we live in.   For more information on Dave Carollo and Our Lady of Fatima, please visit online at: and/or   


Episode # 1449 - The Start Of Father Anthony’s Return

Today is a very hot, but very special Monday, for today, Father Anthony returns during his latest treatments for his recovery from cancer and everyone is on the show today, including a rare thing with Producer Oscar, the man behind the show and who has helped start the show 5 years ago and is here on the show today in honor of Father Anthony recovering, who is here to “clear his name” after talking about him on the show a few times.  Father Anthony with Oscar here shares some historical facts around the (as the intro of the show says) tiny island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea, some surrounding himself too.  The discussion leads to a fun and funny defense battle between Father Anthony and Oscar, which Oscar visited Father Anthony when he was in the hospital, as well as past experiences, even though Father Anthony claims he didn’t invite him on the radio today, LOL.  The laughs continue throughout the show with these two gentlemen, defending each of their good names, LOL, but all in the fun.  Oscar also shares some of the history surrounding the Mayo Clinic where Father Anthony went for his medical procedure, as did Oscar who kept Father Anthony up with his snoring.  However, Father Anthony brings up many positive things with Oscar in mind, with what he has done and helped with everything for the show, past present, and future.  This leads into how we do things for love, not just love of those around us, but for the love of God and Christ and how we carry each other through things.     


Episode # 1448 - TGIF And Father Anthony Goes Away again

Due to Father Anthony being away for a week for continuing treatments, this is a rebroadcast from last Friday before he left and will officially air tomorrow, June 17th, 2016.  Thank you very much and also loyal listeners, Father Anthony will officially be back next week as well.

TGIF everyone and things are going well, for Father Anthony has returned and has been on this whole week due to him being away in medical exile.  Also, the St Stans Carnival is going on, unfortunately making parking rough for everyone, again, as always and the studio spider is in, freaking out and scaring, (but making everyone else laugh), Christina, but okay.  Also, Gerri is back today after being away after Monday. But due to Father Anthony recovering and still recovering, and very well, but he has to leave for another week due to his treatments which going well and he’s doing very well too.  Thoughts go out to fellow St Stans staff member, Frank who has helped out a lot this week, including parking Gerri’s car due to the Carnival.  On this last day of Father Antony’s return, before his ultimate and triumphant return permanently to Winds of Change, Father Anthony shares more on those who sent him cards, as well as listening to him this week, overwhelming him with joy through this week, including Sister Rosemary.  This brings to mind from Gerri, that all this and everything on Winds Of Change, a sense of family, connection, friendship, and closeness.  As the show goes on, this topic is shared further in other areas connected to it, such as closeness to God.  On a different note, the topic of talking about the Amish continues or is finally brought up, causing everyone to wonder this past week if Father Anthony mentioned/talked about them on the show this week, talking about their lifestyle and culture.  With the Amish lifestyle and culture in mind, Father Anthony reminds us about detaching ourselves from some things in our lives.  After the second break, Father Anthony mentions the methods of dating and courtship in the Amish culture, differentiating it from what everyone does in society today.  Towards the end of the show, Father Anthony mentions facts talking about Saint Anthony.     


Episode # 1447 - TGIAF With Father Anthony’s Return

Due to Father Anthony still being away for his treatments, which are going very well, this is a rebroadcast from Thursday last week when Father Anthony came back.  Thank you.

The week of Father Anthony’s return continues and today on this Thursday, St Stans is preparing today for the Annual St Stans Carnival starting today and continuing through this weekend, so Father Anthony and staff invite everyone to come out and enjoy as always.  Father Anthony reminisces about the way things have changed, in particular around St Stanislaus Kostka and the area of Chicago it’s in, bringing back many fond memories from his past.  This continues what Father Anthony was talking about yesterday too, about Life and God. Father Anthony also shares how he visited with the students, who haven’t seen him since his medical exile as Father Anthony states a lot, but feels very happy from that.  As he keeps stating throughout the week, Father Anthony is very happy to be back and a good sign of his recovery is that he is getting his appetite back.  He also continues on a persons relationship with God and reminds us that He will help us.   


Episode # 1446 - A Wednesday With Father Anthony

Due to Father Anthony being away for his continuing recovery treatments and doing very well, this is a rebroadcast from last Wednesday, 06/08/16.  Thank you.

As the title says, Father Anthony is here on this Wednesday, as Father Koys is usually here, but Father Anthony, in a change for today and who has come from visiting the South Side of Chicago this morning.  Father Anthony is also here since he has come back this week to the show and continues to bring his presence/voice back to the show this week.  He is once again joined by Tony and Christina and the topic of discussion goes to putting God first, as continuation from yesterday’s show.  This in turn allows Father Anthony to raise several questions one may ask him/herself on God, in regards to needing Him, as well as why things happen to us.  Today is also Joseph’s birthday who Father Anthony has been reminding everyone to send their thoughts and prayers to due to him being diagnosed with cancer.  This leads to Father Anthony talking about how a person’s faith, if not change, but perhaps go up and down, resulting into the person/people becoming oblivious to things.  This also brings to mind how people are in terms of their relationship with God, with Father Anthony using Sunday’s Gospel Readings on this. On a final note, Father Anthony reminds us how God is with us, and full of compassion for us and to help us.   


Episode - 1445 The Return And Recovery Of Father Anthony Continued…

Due to Father Anthony being away for more recovery treatments, this is a rebroadcast from Tuesday June 7th, continuing the rebroadcasts from last week with his return/visit back.  Thank you and will air officially tomorrow. 

Father Anthony is still here this week and doing pretty good and is joined by Christina and Tony today and Father Anthony continues his discussion from yesterday, first thanking everyone for their prayers, well wishes, cards, and thoughts out to him for a well, speedy recovery.  Also, he shares and continues more on the experience he had during all this.  And reminds everyone to pray for the child Joseph who is also diagnosed with cancer, as Father Anthony shared yesterday and offers everyone to continue to send their thoughts and prayers for him too.  Father Anthony is still overwhelmed with what to pray for, due to so much suffering is going on in the world.  After the first break, Father Anthony has much to talk about, some things he promised yesterday to continue on, as well as things that he wants to bring up due to his recent medical experience due to his, as he calls it: “medical exile.”  He also shares much on what is going on in the world, as well as God being around us and helping us, as well as things with people, mainly focusing on “the salt of the Earth” here.   


Episode # 1444 - The Return And Recovery Of Father Anthony

Due to Father Anthony being away again due to his continuing recovery treatments as he stated last week, this week starting today, will be rebroadcasting all the shows from Father Anthony being back last week.  Thank you very much.

Father Anthony is back and it feels like it’s been an eternity, due to him going through recovering, and still and doing okay, but recovering from cancer.  He feels overwhelmed, but in a good way from all the love, prayers and kindness from so many people who contributed to Father Anthony getting well and recovering.  He’s doing great and very happy to be back on the show and shares with us how his recovery is going and what he’s been through, bringing humor and seriousness to the conversation.  He also talks about the experience itself, both before and after his surgery.  Father Anthony also offers for all to send their thoughts and prayer to a young boy named Joseph, who just went through his First Holy Communion and said he wants to be a priest.  As the show goes on, Father Anthony talks about how due to him being sick and recovering, how Life itself is an Adventure.  After the first break, Father Anthony talks about him being diagnosed with cancer and the process of preparing for his surgery and then after his recovery, along with some very morbid things Father Anthony was prepared for or possibly prepared for.  He also shares the experience itself, not in very close detail, but what he was feeling while preparing for surgery, as well as who performed the surgery, and how Father Anthony was very impressed with the people, as well as “feeling” God’s presence, as well as the after effects, including visits from Producer Oscar, who’s snoring kept Father Anthony up a lot, LOL.  After the second break, Father Anthony shares more on his recovery experience and thanks all the doctors who helped him and performed the surgery.  He also shares on the Masses he experienced while he was recovering in Minneapolis, as well as reconciling with Life itself, and Father Anthony is very, very excited to be back on the show.