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Episode # 1542 - Visitors From St. Stanislaus Kostka School

Due to technical modifications and Father Anthony being away and continuing his recovery, very well, this is a rebroadcast from October 5th.  Thank you.

Today is a very special day on Winds of Change, for Father Thomas Loya is back with us today and as promoted on the show throughout the week, he is joined by 4 students from St. Stansilaus Kostka School today from various grades.  Joined by Alana, Riley, Karina, and Mateo, along with teacher Mrs. Breslin and the new principle Michele Alday, with all of them here to promote and discuss St. Stan’s School.  For one thing, these kids are “playing hooky” as those know means skipping school, LOL and they are very happy to be here and the laughs begin right away.  Father Koys asks these kids about several things going on for and at St. Stans School to raise money for the school with programs and fun going on, including a Walkathon that is going on for St. Stans School.  The kids also share what they like about St. Stans School, with some very cute and fun results and many other fun, creative, and inspirational answers to other questions.  During the second half of the show after the kids start it off and very well in fact, Father Loya talks next to their teacher, Mrs. Chrissy and the new St. Stans Principle, Michele Alday, who provide more in depth answers to what the kids were asked earlier, as well as more adult things surrounding the school.  Michele Alday also points out that they are accepting more students at St. Stans School as well.  For more information on the programs and St. Stans School itself, visit online at:  On the show’s final segment, Father Loya talks to Tony who hasn’t been on for a while and brings the show back to it’s serious roots in terms of things going on around us.  


Episode # 1541 -Much On The Mind Of Father Koys

Because Father Koys had to be away on Wednesday this week, this is a prerecorded show for Wednesday October 26th, 2016 and will air tomorrow officially.

Today, Father Koys is ready to “wrinkle brains” as he always likes to do, but he, like many Americans, has much on his mind, in particular the upcoming Presidential Election in a couple of weeks, as well as what Pope Francis has been talking about.  However, one on the main focuses on today’s show is once again talking about Theology of the Body here, as others have discussed on the show and Father Koys has some interesting facts and even has a sermon in mind to help discuss some of this.  He brings up many interesting points along the lines of marriage and divorce here, as well as the parts people play in marriage, divorce, and relationships and dating in general.  The sermon Father Koys talks about if recently from Father Lankeit, who talked about this year’s Presidential Election, which can and/or could help in your decision in terms of voting this year, looking into various areas, in particular abortion and others here.      


Episode # 1540 - “What Should We Do?”

Due to Father Anthony still recovering and recovering well, this is a rebroadcast from March 28th, 2016.  Thank you.

In this third week of Advent, Father Anthony is doing okay, however dealing with the usual seasonal cough that comes with the Winter, and how it's a struggle with when you have to speak or sing.  Producer Nick tries to help with remedies, including water.  Father Anthony and Christina share their frustrations on that.  Father Anthony continues his discussion from yesterday with the question: "What should we do?"  The discussion leads to talking about the latest news in society with celebrities and things around us, with the "masses" of fans/people.  Father Anthony (who apologizes for the cough he has on the show today) shares something he read to help answer this question and things going on, showing how things have changed around us and how it could be bad or good.  That something is; Commentary by Michael Brown from Spirit Daily.


Episode # 1539 - Monday With Mary

Mary FioRito is back with us on this Monday and she, as well as the city of Chicago is very excited to have the Chicago Cubs going to the World Series this year, the first time in 71 years, so it’s an exciting way to start off Monday.  Also, Mary has two guests on the show today,for one thing her focus on the show is to talk about the Religious Vocation and to help out with this discussion, her first guest on the show for the first third of the show, is Pro-Life Candidate for IL 24th House District,Andy Kirchoff.  After this discussion, Mary switches topics and talks about the Theology of the Body and to help with this,her second guest is Nation Post-Abortion Office Founder Vicki Thorn.  Both interviews raise some very interesting and very insightful things and opinions on the subjects that they talk about.  They also share much on themselves and what they are and have been doing lately.  For more information on Mary and her guests, visit online at: and be sure to look on youtube under Vicki Thorn for her videos on her discussions.


Episode # 1538 - Father Loya And Maria Goldstein Discuss Pro-Life And Abortion

Back by popular demand, this is a rebroadcast from the last show by Father Loya, from October 12th.  Thank you.  And will officailly air tomorrow, Friday October 21st, 2016.

Today Father Loya is back with us, after a very fun and successful show last week with students from St. Stanislaus Kostka School.  But today, he is joined by Maria Goldstein of the NorthWest Families For Life March for a bit today, due to it’s Respect Life Month this October.  Maria shares some of her personal history, as well as dealing with abortion clinics too, including how she felt in dealing with an abortion clinic, in terms of helping people. With Pro-Life being the topic of discussion today, both Father Loya and Maria discuss how to “approach it”, that is trying to share their thoughts and opinions on this in ways that express understanding and various views on it, including looking at other areas associated with abortion, including women who have been raped and how they have felt on the choices those women have made as a result of rape.  Maria also shares how on the upcoming events her organization is getting ready for soon, who is going to be speaking, some who have been through what they’re discussing today.   For more information on Maria Goldstein and The NorthWest Families For Life March, visit online at:


Episode # 1537 - There Is Something About Mary, Mother Of Christ

Today, we are joined once again by Sister Jackie Gitonga and Sister Bethany from the Daughters Of St. Paul, who were on the show before.  They are really excited to be here and their main focus on today’s show is talking about one particular woman: Mary and since this is the month of Praying the Rosary and Mary, it’s a fitting topic. The Sisters are very excited also due to Mary having an impact on their lives,not just their spirituality, but their devotion, faith, personality, and more.  Sister Jackie provides some valuable insights and thoughts about when it’s important to turn to Mary or through “The Five W’s”that people can use to turn to her, being the Mother Of Christ and a very important Mother, not just to her own son Jesus, but to everyone.  To help show how influential Mary is, the Sisters have a song that they and their other Sisters from the Daughters of St.Paul have sung: Oh Queen Of The Holy Rosary, who’s lyrics help show how important Mary is.  To close the show,the Sisters have a special prayer to share with everyone, with inspiration for turning to Mary.  For more information on the Sisters and The Daughters of St. Paul, visit online at:,and



Episode # 1536 - Spirituality

Due to Father Anthony being away for his recovery, which is doing very well, and Father Koys unable to make it in, this is a rebroadcast from September and will officially air tomorrow, 10-19-16.
Thank you.

Father Koys is here once again and things are going pretty well so far on this Wednesday.  Unfortunately during the live broadcast due to storms that passed through the Chicago area, power outages happened and caused many to lose power and internet connectivity.  We apologize for all the trouble during the show.  Father Koys talks about much going on in the world, including the debt going on and shares moralistic stories surrounding this, fables too.  One that he shares in on the subject by shedding light on the Congregation in many ways, which leads to talking about our and a persons spirituality, in a sense of being “too spirituality” Father Koys says.  This also relates to what is going on in the Middle East with what Father Koys talks about and it does, but more is involved here.  This also brings up the idea of being Martyrs here, which in turn brings up the idea of one getting their hands dirty and this is related to the Presidential Candidates too.  He also picks up the previous discussion he had on the last time he was on the air.   


Episode # 1535 - Being Cleansed By God

Due to Father Anthony away and recovering well, this is a rebroadcast from February 16th, 2016 and August 2nd.  Thank you.

On this Tuesday, everyone returns after a busy few days, Father Anthony and the girls, Christina and Gerri, which Father Anthony had a funeral yesterday and much going on at Saint Stanislaus Kostka.  Even though everyone is in good spirits today, Father Anthony is still dealing with his cough he's had before and after his trip to Italy.  However, Tony isn't here due to visiting a mechanic due to car trouble.  Father Anthony shares how the funeral went and the mass he had to conduct with he cough too, but due to it's getting warmer around Chicago this week.  Since the weather is the opening topic of discussion in a way, Father Anthony brings up many times he's dealt with the different seasons, especially Winter.  Today is Father Anthony's letter day, that is deadline for the usual newsletter he writes for St. Stans and that is on everyone's mind, as well as work.  However, since the funeral from yesterday is on Father Anthony's mind, he talks about that as well as silence being not only a part of that, but for mass as well.  This leads to Father Anthony talking about being "cleansed" in life and from things in life and cleansed by God and Jesus for our sins in life. This also brings up the Pope and his recent travels lately, including to Mexico and what he has been doing during his visits.


Episode # 1534 - Monday With Mary FioRito And Guests

It’s Monday and we are joined by Mary FioRito as promised and she is joined by two guests on the show today.  First up is Dr. Steven Smith, an Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland.  Dr. Smith talks about his most recent book that will be coming out next year in April: The House of the Lord: A Biblical Theology of God’s Temple Presence in the Old and New Testament.  He talks not only about the book, but various other books and essays he’s written and what he as a Professor has been doing too.  After Dr. Steven Smith is done, Mary is very pleased to have a second guest on during the final segments of the show, joined by Professor Carter Snead from the University of Notre Dame and he has much to discuss as well, including on the subject on abortion and Pro-Life that Mary has talked about before.  He also shares some upcoming events going on at the University of Notre Dame .  For more information on Mary and her guests, please visit online at one or all of the following:

Mary FioRito:,

Dr. Steven Smith:

Professor Carter Snead:


Episode # 1533 - Latest Info On Cultural Developments

This is a rebroadcast from last Friday.  Thank you.

TGIF everyone and the first focus was that many birthday’s were going on. However the Nativity is talked about, not only in Father Anthony’s readings from earlier, but now for the show as well.  Tony arrives after being away yesterday, due to car problems, which he still is dealing with, but makes his way in.  The main topic of the show today is on Father Anthony sharing the latest information on what he says are, “cultural developments,” with how things have changed around us in society and things.  After the first break, Father Anthony talks a bit about the family once again, with some families he knows to help talk about this, as well as the previous subject on how society has changed somewhat.  The conversation shifts a bit with talking about cultural developments, with continuing on the subject of transgender bathrooms that has been in the media for a while, which in turn brings to mind talking about gays and lesbians on the show today, as well as babies born.  On a final topic towards the end of the show,Father Anthony talks about, as stated above, the Nativity of St. John.