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Episode # 1305 - 2015 Season Of Advent Begins

It's back to normal or what is considered normal on the Winds Of Change, due to Thanksgiving last week and Black Friday too.  Now, Father Anthony and crew are excited for Advent has started with the Church getting ready for this time of year, as well as Christmas too.  Everyone shares how their Thanksgiving went and had a good time and fun and enjoyed the holiday with family.  However, with Advent started, Father Anthony shares much going on for what preparations and activities happen in the Season of Advent, as he has for previous years, as well as what could be going on in the last month of 2015 and the new year, 2016.  Today is also the Feast Day Of St. Andrew and Father Anthony shares much surrounding this Feast Day, as well as others like him, as well as history. 

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Episode # 1304 - How Do We Know We Are Catholic

Due to Black Friday, this is another rebroadcast, from November 6th, 2015 and will officially air this Friday: Black Friday 2015.  Thank you very much.

TGIF everyone and the gang's all here once again, with Father Anthony and his usual crew and both producers are here today too, during this first week in November and everyone is amazed how fast the holiday season has come.  The warm weather seems to have said goodbye, with it being cold today but the last few days being Spring or Summer like weather.  It sounds like it's going to be a "working weekend" for everyone, not just as Producer Nick says for him, but for Father Anthony and everyone.  Father Anthony talks about the differences of the times, especially when computers became the biggest thing for everyone to use, around the 1990's and how important they were and are.  Father Anthony goes further into discussing if we are consciously conscience if we know we are Catholic.  This leads to talking about various subjects that people do or can do to prove that they in fact are Catholic.  Producer Armand also contributes to this discussion on a friend of his, continuing into discussing other related things with this, including racism, our relationship with God and, as Producer Armand says, progression.  

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Episode # 1303 - The Five People You Meet In Heaven: Novel And Film

Due to Thanksgiving, this is a rebroadcast from November 12th, 2015 and will officially air tomorrow, Thanksgiving 2015.  From all of us at Winds Of Change, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

Today Father Koys is here once again and as said at the start of the show, Father Koys is once again going into history, but this time he goes only as far back as 2005 when the book titled: The Five People You Meet In Heaven was out and turned into a movie as well, with Father Koys talking about this book.  This brings to mind many memories surrounding many things and the differences with the times.  When talking about the film version of this book, Father Koys provides many audio clips for all to hear for those who may or may not have seen the film.  However, we are bouncing around with the clips due to technical issues, we apologize for any inconveniences.  He also brings up many ideas related to the clips provided on the show today, as well as the story too. Another thing with this discussion is: essence, or more technically the essence of God and Jesus.  This also brings up the story of Adam and Eve and the Apple here too.

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Episode #1302 - Understanding The World Around Us More

Father Koys is here the day before Thanksgiving and it's rough out there, because of holiday traffic, but the boys are here and happy to be on the show as usual.  However, a sad, tough subject to talk about today is more on the ISIS situation and the terrorist attacks in Paris and it's relationship to 9/11 and other acts of terrorism, leading Father Koys to talk about the "Jedi mind trick," using a Star Wars reference to describe (as before) what is real and what is believable these days.  Tony helps out on this discussion by providing information and his opinion on this.  This brings up many things Father Koys has mentioned and talked about before, including Islam and Muslims, he even brings to mind many historical figures with this too, including Muhammad.   

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Episode # 1301 - The Need For Solutions To Problems

On this Tuesday, Geri returns, after missing the show yesterday and Father Anthony catches up with her and gets some information out of here.  And speaking of information, Father Anthony points out how we, as in the World, are going through this discombobulation and trouble due to ISIS striking at Paris and various other threats and trouble going on in the world.  Many birthdays are going on today too and the big information going on is the anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy, talking about that going on, however days are getting mixed up a bit, but maybe due to the strange times we are in.  Father Anthony picks up the discussion from yesterday with talking about the changes in family and friends, as well as the threat of ISIS and other individuals.  With so much, it seems, negative things going on, Father Anthony tries to provide more solutions or ideas toward solutions in this society with a feeling of unease, one being leadership, as well as to turn to God and Christ in our times of need here.  Also, even though it's early and after Wednesday there will be rebroadcasts due to the holiday; from all of us at Winds Of Change: Happy Thanksgiving everyone.   

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Episode # 1300 - Changes In Friendships And Family

Father Anthony is back from visiting his mother last week in Florida, and a very rapid change of scenery and temperature, coming from where it's hot and warm, to now cold and freezing due to over the weekend, the first snow storm of 2015 hit Chicago.  Everyone is excited though, for Father Anthony shares how his trip went, as well as getting excited this week with Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Also, he talks about the Jubilee Year Of Mercy this Year, with everyone sharing their thoughts on this, Tony and Christina.  Another topic, mainly is not only with Producer Nick in mind, but everyone's busy these days and Father Anthony points out that being "too busy" can kill friendships and family, for various reasons these days, due to people, including Producer Nick, who work too much.  This also applies to not only negative feelings, but also in how that happens naturally, with those who become parents and things change, as well as when get married too, which also means not bad.  Producer Nick also shares how he understands this, how it's not bad necessarily with change, but that it happens naturally when children come, jobs change, or married and that with a mutual understanding, as Father Anthony says, creates not bad things, but very good times after not seeing each other for some time.  On a more interesting topic, Father Anthony points out how pumpkin flavored and/or pumpkin products are all around us, in terms of food and drink.  He also shares more on what happened in Paris with the terrorist attacks and the fear that may or may not spread. 

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Episode # 1299 - TGIF And Sunshine

Due to Father Anthony being away in Florida and will be back on Monday, this is a rebroadcast from 7/24/15 and this show will officially air on the radio 11/20/15.  Thank you very much. 

TGIF everyone and the sunshine is back today, not only outside, but on the show Gerri is back and the gang's all here on the show.  Gerri shares how her birthday went during this week at the start of the show.  Father Anthony talks about what he has going on this afternoon, as well as this weekend and things going on.  He also shares about walking, that is walking around and feeling energized by it, especially walking around the city of Chicago.  Today is another important Feast Day, and Father Anthony shares history, as he always does on the Feast Days, behind this and the Saint.  The discussion continues on this, as well as where Father Anthony left off yesterday.  As the show continues, Father Anthony ends it with discussing, as we come to the end of another week and the weekend approaches, but Father Anthony shares a reading from Paul to all to hear and a reminder that "God is Good."

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Epiosde # 1298 - Comments On Pope Francis Visiting The United States Of America Continued

Due to Father Anthony still being away in Florida, this is a rebroadcast from 9/25/15.  Thank you.

TGIF everyone and the conversation continues on Pope Francis visiting America and how things are going with him being here, as well as how everyone on the show still feels about some of the things he's addressed and spoke on.  Father Anthony was very moved by the Gospel this morning and how it relates to Pope Francis visiting.  Father Anthony also addresses how Pope Francis talked to the UN this morning as well, addressing much to them.  Father Anthony also shares on the show, some of his opinions, as well as Christina, Gerri, and Tony, on some of the topics Pope Francis has addressed during his visit here to the United States, which in turn relate to things/topics that have been discussed previously on the show.  

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Episode # 1297 - Strategies To Stop Terrorists

Father Koys is here and the show is live today too, for Father Anthony (as we have been saying) is away visiting his mother in Florida this week, but Father Koys is here with Tony and the boys have lot's to talk about.  Due to the tragic terrorist attacks, Father Koys has that on his mind first, talking about the sadness and frustration and worry about the world we live in and also assures us that God will help and take care of us.  Father Koys also continues the discussion where he left off last time, talking about the book/film The Five People You Meet In Heaven. The main focus, as it has been in the media, is dealing with the Paris Terrorist attacks that happened last Friday, with Father Koys expressing his feelings on this, as well as the latest news as to what is going on to stop these terrible people who are a part of ISIS.  This also shows the signs of the times in terms of how these attacks have affected the world all over the world.  This also brings to mind those who are helping people that have been attacked and are, including Juliana Taimoorazy, who has been on the show many times.  On a more pleasant topic, Father Koys tries to talk about being thankful for many things, since Thanksgiving is coming up, however, it's interesting what Father Koys says on this, especially with dealing with illegal immigrants for one thing. 

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Episode # 1296 - Lift Us From Darkness Into Light

Due to Father Anthony visiting his mother in Florida, this is a rebroadcast from September 1st, 2015.  Thank you.

It's the first day of September, but feels still like Summer around in Chicago and everyone seems to be alright today on this hot day, even though it's September.  Father Anthony goes into talking about more people from articles that he recently read, some including Pope Francis mentioned.  After the first break, Father Anthony talks about how the Church has the power, with the Lords help, to "lift us out of darkness" and our troubled/difficult times and free us and help us, which continues the topic of the Spiritual Battle Father Anthony talks about now and again.  This continues with discussing the topic of abortion as well, which has been on the show and media lately.

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