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Episode # 995 - TGIF And Synod Coming Up

TGIF everyone!!!! Unfortunately things are a bit rough for Father Anthony, not in terms of what is going on at St Stans, but having trouble making a flight reservation for an upcoming trip and as anyone knows or has an idea, it can be frustrating, not only in making the flight, but how long the trip because as Father Anthony goes on, he's visiting his Mother.  This leads to the frustration shared by everyone who has had to deal with waiting on the phone for things and put on hold and dealing with customer service representatives.  The discussion leads to talking about Joan Rivers after she sadly passed recently, bringing up the idea of age and the times, including bringing up tattoos and piercings that young people have today.  With the Synod coming up in Rome, Father Anthony talks about that coming up, as well as more on marriage, including between two men.  With this in mind, Father Anthony brings up much on which Nations are Catholic and which have a high divorce rate, which in turn relates to the previous topic of marriage between men and women and same sex marriages.      

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Episode # 994 - Marriage And Single/Straight Men

Attention loyal listeners, today's show starts up a bit late because of technical issues concerning the towers for AM 750 WNDZ, and why the show is a bit shorter today.  We apologize for the inconvenience  Thank you.

Everyone feels pretty good on today and still September however, but Producer Nick causing some confusion having his Pumpkin Hat and even a shirt on with a pumpkin on it.  But it is still September and even though Fall seems to be in the air and on everyone's mind, it's supposed to be warm this weekend and Gerri is here again staring off her day with being in the Church today with nine others.  One of the main focuses on the show today is on the idea of marriage, or how straight men or some straight men don't want to get married, with Father Anthony providing some very interesting reasons from a recent study conducted on this, some interesting, some maybe far fetched, some natural perhaps.  This leads to a discussion on the idea of single vs married men in terms of behavior and feeling in terms of what differences are obvious here, as well as possibly what employers and others consider shared from the study conducted on how being single and married can raise some interesting facts about what is needed in the workplace or not.  The concept of dating and sex is also discussed here on this too.     

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Episode # 993 - Celebrating Mexicos Independence Day History

Father Koys returns after a long, but short absence from the show along with Christina and Tony, the show is in good spirits on this Wednesday.  Today, Father Koys points out that Mexico celebrates it's Independence Day this week, yesterday in fact, and brings up many facts about that, present and historical.  Father Koys shares much of the history surrounding this historical event in not only Mexican History, but the World, involving several key historical figures, with the help of Christina to make sure he is accurate.  With much of this history, it goes into a discussion involving the present day, with "going back" and lessons from that history today too.  After the first break, Father Koys tells us many stories, some "juicy" stories for us today, on the many historical figures involved in the History Of Mexico and its Independence, including several priests here.  Father Koys continues to look at this history, comparing it too, or bringing it up with things going on today as stated before.  He shares the story of Father Hildalgo along these lines, bringing much to mind here.       

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Episode # 992 - Help In Our Suffering And Meritocracy

On this Tuesday, it seems to be a "Terrific Tuesday" as Producer Nick points out, for one thing traffic causing everyone to get in the show a bit late, but starts ok.  Producer Nick and Father Anthony talk a bit about kids, with Father Anthony dealing with the Children's Confessions this morning and Producer Nick being a lifeguard/swim instructor and works with kids of all ages.  One of the major focuses of the show today is the latest news Tony brings up on America fighting against ISIS Terrorist group, as well as traffic here in Chicago.  With ISIS in mind, Father Anthony talks about suffering, not only as a Nation America is, but us as individuals with us going through stress and distress in our lives.  Tony and Christina talk about since America in the past has suffered, also other countries dealing with their problems and suffering as well and a difference in the times (in terms of past and present) with different things people go through or do, and in turn, help is offered and provided.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony reminds everyone about the fact that there is a Commandment to go to mass Sunday's as well as to remind us that life is sacred and good and God helps us, guides us, and rewards us in our times when we feel stressed or down.  The problem he points out is the fact we as a people are under the influence of pop culture being around us, leading us to sin and stress.  An interesting world is brought up along these lines: Meritocracy, in these times, referencing an article he has with him today.  Towards the end of the show, Father Anthony talks about hoping that in these times, despite the crisis with ISIS ans things in culture might be bringing us down, that he hopes things will turn out good. 

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Episode # 991 - Start Of A New Week

Good Monday everyone and welcome to the show once again.  Today, the gang's all here, with Gerri now seemingly joining us back on the show on a regular basis and Producer Nick is excited with upcoming (off subject a bit) DVD release of Godzilla 2014.  Father Anthony thanks everyone for coming out this past Sunday yesterday for the Spaghetti Dinner that was held at St Stans, as we promoted the past few weeks.  Father Anthony talks about his name and the idea of baptism is talked about in the group.  Father Anthony not only talks about the Spaghetti Dinner yesterday, but it's Feast Day as well, explaining it's significance and asks everyone for their opinions.  After the first break, Father Anthony continues his discussion on shared sufferings that we all face and go through, not only as individuals, but also as a group whole people together with the Feast of Our Lady Of Sorrows in mind. 

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Episode # 990 - The Office Of Peace And Justice Of The Archdioceses

TGIF everyone and loyal listeners and today is a very special day, not only is it Friday, but Father Anthony is joined today by two very special guests: Jude Huntz, the Director for the Office of Peace and Justice and Brother Graham Golden talking about everything that has happened and is happening with the current crisis/holocaust in the Middle East.  Also the discussion talks about the previous Prayers For Peace Mass held at St. Stans a while ago with this in mind.  Not only about that, but after Tony rushes in, these gentlemen talk about themselves in terms of not only the work they have been doing, but history in the Office Of Peace And Justice and tenure there, including working with women who have been in abusive relationships and helping out other things dealing with spirituality and faith.  After the first break, Father Anthony and guests bring up their current campaign going on with the Office Of Peace And Justice Of The Archdioceses and what is planned and what will be doing and going on.  Towards the end of the show, both guests discuss the future of the Office Of Peace And Justice in terms of upcoming events and projects that they are working on or getting ready.  For more information on the Office Of Peace and Justice Of The Archdioceses, please vist: .   

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Episode # 989 - Rembering 9/11: The 13th Anniversary

TGIAF as usual with everyone and Autum/Fall is officially here today with a cooler day outside today and Father Anthony points it out too.  Because Producer Nick has his pumpkin hat today, everyone mentions how Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are on the way, as well as Father Anthony talking about the first earliest snowfall, yes, here.  Also, we remember 9/11 today everyone, being the 13th Anniversary of this terrible tragedy that struck America in New York way back in 2001, and with President Obama's speech to the American People last night describing the next move in America's War of Terrorism and helping out those in the Middle East with the Holocaust going on and dealing with ISIS, relating to what is going on in society today.  With today being the 13th Anniversary of 9/11, everyone shares what they were doing and remembering that tragic day, with how everything changed in an instant.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony shares with us a prayer that Pope Francis said with this tragedy.  On a different note, Father Anthony asks everyone the question: "What is our grestest distraction?" The answer: Our very selves.  All of us here at Winds Of Change pray and wish for peace to come soon with everything that is happening 

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Episode # 988 - TGIF and The Church

Due to scheduling conflicts, Father Koys is unable to be in studio today and normally he would be on air, but this is a show from last Friday: September 5th, 2014.  Thank you and we apologize for any problems. 

TGIF once again loyal listeners and the gang's all here today for the show and to start off the show, Father Anthony talks about the Church itself today and getting over the negativity in the Church.  He also brings up the notion of talking about women with the Church or within the Church, dealing with many issues and things.  A little off topic, but after the first break, Father Anthony focuses the show on what he wants to talk about at the start, and that is the negativity of the Church, of to be more precise, the idea of Self-Loathing with the Church, bringing up some articles and books he has read or looked at on this subject, as well as being controlled by things, such as our feelings.  Famous figures are brought up here during this discussion and Gerri points out forgiveness and mercy is important with people, especially for the Church, with Father Anthony asking everyone in studio on the show today the question of "What is the importance of the Church?" leading to or around the idea of forgiveness and mercy Gerri pointed out.  The answer that Father Anthony says is to make disciples, but also points out what the Church isn't for those who consider it to be things that it isn't at all and that the World needs the Church, in more ways than one mentioned, with the words, "I'm sorry" involved here.      

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Episode # 987 - Islam On The Rise

Father Anthony is feeling overwhelmed and "all over the place" with trying to get the newsletter or letter ready to be sent out and get to the deadline, but also has so much going on.  The gangs all here with Father Anthony joined by Christina, Gerri, and Tony like old times, Gerri pointing out that Father Anthony is like in school/college with so much going on and work.  However, Father Anthony talks about many things today on the show, including much going on in the Middle East and talking about Islam.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony still is frustrated with everything that is going on with everyone and leading us to a God Fearing attitude today, asking ourselves, "Who are we and what are we?"  After the first break, Father Anthony continues on how he's working on a newsletter and relates it to what he's previously talking about with God being with us or "God is with me" we say to ourselves individually, trying to process everything, not just what is happening in the Middle East, but all over the world and pointing out that Islam is on the rise, in terms of people turning toward it or many people becoming a part of this.  With all this in mind, the group continues to bring up the idea or concept that is brought up on the show, being a part of or being involved in a Spiritual Battle, and towards the end of the show, everyone reminds us that in our struggles, God's Love is present for us and is there.   

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Episode # 986 - Feast Of The Birthday Of The Virgin Mary Mother Of God

Today is not only the birthday of the Virgin Mary, but also the Anniversary of when the show, The Winds of Change started and everyone is here today on the show.  Everyone is feeling pretty good, talking about how their weekends went and Producer Nick talks about lunch.  Father Anthony also points out that since the weather is beautiful, weddings are beginning to happen a lot more now.  Monday mood seems to be coming up on everyone, but since today is the birthday of Mary, Father Anthony talks about what Pope Francis said about this.  More is shared on the current situation going on in the Middle East and Father Anthony hopes that some of the things said and talked about along the lines of Islam, could hopefully be brought on the show one day.  Also, bringing up the notion of how important prayer is, for God and Jesus hear us and feel their love for us, as well as God the Father is with us and helps us and with his relationship with Mary being the mother of Jesus and our connection. 

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