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Episode # 960 - TGIF And Sanctifying

TGIF Friday as usual everyone and as before, the gang is all here, Father Anthony is joined by Christina, Gerri, and Tony, feeling like old times with everyone being in the studio on the show today.  Father Anthony talks about how the change in weather seems to be coming, getting darker, in a weather sense, with rain probably on the way, possibly the winds outside blew Gerri in today too, as well as reminding everyone yesterday was Oscar's birthday and Tony's wedding anniversary and a friend visiting later on today at St. Stanislaus Kostka.  Also, Producer Nick talks about trying to get things done and speaking of getting things done, kids are almost getting ready to go back to school with today being the first day of August, leading to many memories of being in school or dealing with kids in school.  After the first break, the discussion turns serious in terms of tragedies going on, not only the Holocaust going on in the Middle East for Christians, but also here in the city of Chicago, and how it seems that silence is going on with many.  After the second break, Father Anthony talks about how to being a good person and watching what you say, with Producer Nick chiming in a bit on this, knowing exactly how and what Father Anthony is talking about and how do you Sanctify your day, what keeps you going during your day. 

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Episode # 959 - An Interview With Juliana Taimoorazy

On this TGIAF, or Thursday if you want to be accurate, we on the Winds Of Change are very excited to have with us our special guest, Juliana Taimoorazy to discuss what Father Anthony has been talking about for the past two weeks, the suffering and happenings going on to Christians over in the Middle East.  Starting off the show, Juliana shares with us some of her personal history, revolving around the different views/beliefs from the different religions, sharing some very interesting facts angering her and Father Anthony, as well as others out there on this Holocaust going on.  She also expresses how she is trying to help out as much as she can and do much for these people, with things getting worse, sharing also history of this happening, not only of those who lost their lives, but some of her family who were lost in this crisis.  Father Anthony also brings in history behind this kind of crisis happening in the past as well, with other countries, and expresses his concern about these horrible things happening and Juliana explaining what is and could happen if these terrible things continue.  Reflections are made on why everyone or some people are staying silent with Christians being killed in the Middle East, in terms of government and politicians, with Juliana mentioning who has been supporting in this and providing help to these people going through this Holocaust, as well as those who might not know how to defend it.  Towards the end of the show, we all here at Winds Of Change and Juliana send our thoughts and prayers that this holocaust end, with Juliana leading The Our Father for us to hear in this time of need.     

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Episode # 957 - Christianity And Islam

On this beautiful, tiring Tuesday as Christina points out due to much work going on, everyone is doing ok and getting things done and much going on.  Father Anthony, along with Christina and Tony reminisce of things being done and things in the news, particularly what is going on in the Middle East with Christians once again, with the latest news that France is offering asylum to Christians over there to help.  Father Anthony talks more about this in terms of how other countries seem to be helping more and that the United States is doing other things, possibly or not doing enough.  He also brings up the notion that in Great Britain, from a documentary he saw, that women are converting to becoming Muslims there and turning toward Islam, raising questions of where Christians are going.  The conversation turns toward Light vs Dark here as well in terms of what Catholics are going through and others, recognizing that there is evil, but God will help and good will prevail.  After the first break, after the promo for it, everyone is excited for Prairie Fest coming  up as well with great music and fun, but more is shared on the conversation with Islam and Christianity, sharing some of the similarities and differences.  With Producer Armand here too, he voices in later on in this conversation, leading in to more ideas of reality and what is going on.        

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Episode # 958 -Sister Alicia Torries Premier Show

Please note, due to scheduling problems with guest hosts, this is a rebroadcast from the show on July 9, 2014.  Thank you very much.

Today is a very special show, not only is it live (since the past few shows have been rebroadcasts), but we are pleased to welcome back Sister Alicia Torres who was a previous guest on the show, now a guest host.  With her today is three special guests/friends: Patricia Klein, Father Connor Danstrom and Megan Miller who Sister Alicia Torres knows from Mundlein Seminary.  Before the main discussion, Sister Alicia talks a little bit about herself and what she has been doing since her guest visit on the show a while back, including what kids have been doing at the  summer Bible Camp, having fun and at the same time, learning a lot.  The main topics these four discuss today are the Eucharist and Evangelization and a beautiful opportunity that has been going on in Chicago since October  with these two things in mind, a special program called Night Fever, each voicing their own opinions and views on these subjects, as well as mentioning things about their own personal history and how programs like Night Fever began and got organized for all to experience.  Everyone on the show today invite all listeners to come and either volunteer with programs like Night Fever and/or to come and experience these wonderful events.  For more information on Night Fever, visit On a different topic, Sister Alicia Torres talks about the recent violence and tragedy that has been happening in Chicago causing many to feel depressed or down or hurt, asking all three of her guests/friends how they feel on this, sharing stories providing ideas about this and what Night Fever and other programs can do to help all receive the Lord's Love and Mercy.    

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Episode # 956 - Light And Heavy Show

Happy Monday everyone and hope all is doing great, Father Anthony, Christina, Producer Nick, and Tony sharing how they are doing with busy weekends and fun things going on.  For one thing, Christina's Father singing recently over the weekend at mass and weddings going on too.  With this, it leads to a pleasant discussion with everyone on families of each and warm memories are shared and going good and Father Anthony also asks while on air, to have a "light show" because of how the past few shows, as well as what is going on in the world, have been serious.  Father Anthony shares how the wedding went and how the readings from it prove to be very uplifting in terms of having everyone feel good and have hope.  Before the show gets serious, Father Anthony talks about the 10 things that people have stopped buying, some very interesting things, related to our health, as well as our wallets and purses, and society.  Some include: soda, gum, even guns.  With these items/food/products in mind, it leads to a serious discussion on the current state in our government and the world, angering Father Anthony with some of the things happening, reflecting on much, leading to heavy things said, with the Church full of angry people, with a proper anger Father Anthony states, leading to what constitutes joy.   

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Episode # 955 - A Sad Friday

TGIF everyone once again and everyone is anticipating the weekend with much going on for everyone in terms of relaxing and today is the Feast of St. James for all of us.  The focus on today again is Father Anthony talking again about what is happening to Christians in the Middle East, angering some, not affecting others, but Tony and Christina contribute as well on that it's very disturbing over there with this.  Along this insanity that is going on, Father Anthony brings up the five things that lead to good mental health, and something we may need with this during these troubled times we all seem to be facing.  He also brings up how current American Pop Culture has affected us in terms of things going on.  During this "sad Friday" as Father Anthony says, not in terms of getting ready for the weekend, but what he has been talking about during the show and links all three of these: what's happening in the Middle East, American's being influenced by pop culture or the sign of the times here, and how we can keep our heads or sanity during this.  All of us here at Winds of Change send out our thoughts and prayers to those suffering with what is discussed and hope that things and their suffering and tragedy will end soon.  On a different topic, Father Anthony goes into discussing the Feast of St. James today for everyone, with some interesting connections and history.  Towards the end of the show, Father Anthony talks about how we as a person and as a people can keep our sanity during these tough situations, as stated before, providing some helpful things we can do, as well as 5 things that can help too, assuring us that things will be ok and God and Jesus will help us.     

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Epsidoe # 954 - Catholic’s In The Middle East Continued

TGIAF as Father Anthony usually starts as we get closer to the weekend and Friday, but everyone is back today and ready to discuss the stress and distress on the show.  Producer Nick and Tony talk a bit about Batman, because yesterday was Batman Day, celebrating 75 years of him and since his creation, talking about that a bit.  However, Father Anthony brings up babies, children, pregnancy, and abortion due to he has a baby bottle in studio with money given to The Women's Center, for women dealing with difficult pregnancies, relating to things talked about before and brought up recently.  The idea of protection is brought up along these lines in terms of nations and things going on, how the Church has no borders and does so much in terms of help.  With these serious subjects in mind, Father Anthony also brings back on the show, the current situation affecting Christin's in Iraq and the Middle East, bringing up many questions and facts, as well as raising many things bringing back many horrible people from history here on the show and concerning Father Anthony today, along with Christina and Tony.  With all this evil going on, Father Anthony assures us that Good and/or the Church will prevail in these very tough and troubled times and dealing with all the evil in the world.   

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Episode # 953 - American History And The Catholic Church

Due to Father Koys being away in Washington, D.C. this is a rebroadcast from last week, when he informed everyone he would be there.  Thank you.

Father Thomas Koys is back after a week absence on the show, ready to talk once again about topics to make our listeners think and feel good during "the Lunch Hour" Father Koys says.  He brings up many stories from his childhood, in reference to the signs of how times have changed, while on the other had, Family Reunions, which Christina shares more on too, talking about her family and the differences in the generations through the years.  After the discussion of Family Reunions, the topic that Father Koys has to share with all of us deals with American History dealing with the Catholic Church's involvement, but also with one of his very favorite American historical figures, Abraham Lincoln.  He also brings up along these lines, The Tower of Babel here too, while at the same time, Father Koys brings up much with the Catholic Church during Abraham Lincoln's time/presidency, focusing on some people during that time. One particular figure he focuses on Judge Edward Bates, and his influence during this time, some things being a bit more intense than others, including involving different cultures and several issues, such as Native Americans and slavery.      

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Episode # 952 - Gerri Returns And The Signs Of The Times

Happy Tuesday everyone and today is very special because it marks the return of fellow co-hostess on the show, Gerri is back and fills us in on her health, life, and everything else she has been doing in her absence from the show these past few months, as well as today is her birthday, 79 years old.  Another birthday celebrated today loyal listeners is also Prince George, his first birthday of the Royal Couple Prince William and Princess Kate.  Also it's one of the hottest and humid days of the summer of 2014 everyone points out too.  Gerri starts off the show with her being 79 today, talks about the differences of the times she had when she was younger and how things were different in America, some things bringing the jokes today, but how the times have changed over the years, with time moving fast sometimes.  Gerri also talks about her life in general today, with her growing up, her family, things she witnessed/experienced/saw/went through in her life and the differences in what she had and what we have today in the present day.  With these things in mind, Father Anthony brings up the present conflicts going on in the Middle East and around the world related to rough or war and what has been happening to Christians in Iraq, and as yesterday, Father Anthony talks about how God is patient and loving, and will help and guide us. With the world in turmoil as Father Anthony points out, he turns toward the words of St. Ignacius along these lines to provide an idea about what is going on in the world and why we may ask ourselves the question: "Where is God in all this?"      

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Episode # 951 - Chaos In The Times

On this Monday after a fun weekend and everyone is doing pretty good.  The first thing to discuss and Father Anthony thanks all, including Tony and Christina, for coming out to and being/having the Dinner Dance last Friday, talking about the various fun things that went on during the dance.  Tony talks about liking the 80's and talking about the differences of the times because of the dance.  Producer Nick talks about his busy working and fun weekend, for one thing going on a date Saturday and working on the radio Saturday morning and Sunday night.  Because everyone had a great weekend, Father Anthony brings up the 4 things for a good life, or 5,: Faith, Family, Friends, Fervor and possibly Fun as Producer Nick adds.  However, since this Monday has been good, Father Anthony points out that it's been a difficult Monday as well, not only for what is going on around us and the world, but shares with us a story of getting his coffee, reminding him of his trip to Florida recently, amazed how everyone dresses, in particular going on planes and how people dress today.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony feels frustrated with all this going on and stress with it too, asking the question "Where is God in all this?" as well as raising the idea about if God is supposed to be loving and caring for us, why does this all happen.  However, Father Anthony points out that God is aware of things and He is a very patient and merciful God, reinstating our lost faith in Him, if that happens to any of us at times and assuring us that "Good" prevails.        

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