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Episode # 1499 - Mary Fiorita And Bob Gilligan

Sitting in today for Father Anthony is Mary Fiorita, from The Ethics And Public Policy Center in  Washington, D.C. who is an attorney, public speaker, and commentator on issues involving women’s leadership in the Catholic Church, work/life balance for mothers, and Catholic Church administration and this is her first show today.  She starts off wishing Father Anthony well and leads a prayer to have him get to a speedy recovery.  Joining is Bob Gilligan, Executive Director of the Catholic Conference of Illinois, who discusses what his organization is and goes through in Illinois, as well as different issues.  One of the issues that is discussed today on the show, as well as through the Catholic Conference, political issues that everyone is talking about and witnessing today, in particular the Presidential candidates and issues that people face today, such as Pro-Life for example.  Mary also shares some of the recent Washington Post articles that featured some interesting facts and issues regarding Donald Trump.  This leads to involving previous topics shared in the news and on the show, such as stated above, Pro-Life, Transgenders, and others.  With both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in the public, due to the upcoming Presidential Elections, both Mary and Bob share their feelings on how these two candidates affect the Catholic Community.  For more information on Mary Fiorita and Bob Gilligan, please visit online at: for Mary Fiorita- and for Bob Gilligan-


Episode # 1498 - Transgender With Father Thomas Loya

TGIF everyone and with us today after being away for a long time and he’s very excited to be back here sitting in for Father Anthony, honored today to be back too.  Father Loya shares with us today many of the things surrounding us today, including disorder of things, as well as saying disorder might not necessarily be bad as many usually think it is.  However, the main topic of discussion today focuses on transgender in society and how many have been and are dealing with this.  Father Koys discusses this in talking about the differences between men and women, besides the physical differences, but more in depth, along with other examples to help discuss topics today.   Father Loya goes even further with talking about more about transgender along the lines of the body, mind, feelings, emotions, but mainly on labels, as well as acceptance and mystery.  He also talks about sex with this, not just in terms of what the term is widely used for, but in terms of a person’s identity as well.     


Episode # 1497 - Saint Benedict A Solution To Today’s Problems

Due to Father Anthony still recovering and technical issues getting taken care of and worked on, this is a rebroadcast from March 17th, 2016 and April 28th, 2016.  Thank you and we apologize for any inconveniences. 

TGIAF on this Thursday and the Seasonal Transition is coming, that is not only is Winter supposed to change to Spring, with Easter and Holy Week also going on, but also a reminder to change clocks this weekend too, to "spring" ahead as they say.  This brings to mind how much is going by so fast and things are supposed to meet deadlines.  Father Anthony also shares everyone to watch and come to the movie documentary about St. Stans promoted by throughout the show that will show St Stans itself for this documentary which everyone is very excited about, which also will include keynote speakers, including the Archbishop of Vilnius:Gintaras Grušas  .  This brings to mind many "changes" in terms of things to come with Spring around the corner. The main focus today is Father Anthony sharing many stories surrounding  Saint Benedict and how his situations and how he himself relates to today's problems that everyone faces in their lives, but also in how he or what he did is a solution to today's problems as well, bringing to mind many gruesome and intense things people face in our lives and the signs of the times today too, including those suffering in the Middle East and ISIS and the government either doing or not doing something about it.  With Saint Benedict in mind, Father Anthony raises the question on if what Saint Benedict did is really a solution to today's problems, as well as if it's the solution.


Episode # 1496 - Fact Or Fiction

Father Koys is live and back today on this Wednesday and hopes to once again “wrinkle your brain” with topics, both historical and influential, talked about today.  He starts off with a bit of a challenging topic, that being a kind of Fact Or Fiction, with dealing with myths and theory on that the United States was founded on the idea of religious freedom, which Father Koys has discussed now and again on the show.  This also raises some things on Pope Francis, or at least what Pope Francis has been dealing with recently.  This brings not only fact or fiction, but the idea of truth or true or false with things and situations.  Father Koys also brings to mind with many of these true or false, fact or fiction ideas/topics, he provides valuable tips or helpful hints for those who may question or think hard on some of these.  He also shares some historical aspects on this, including historical events from the Roman Empire days.  This also brings up some things we face today with events going on around us, as Father Koys states at the start of the show.


Episode # 1495 - The Three Personas

Due to Father Anthony recovering and recovering well and tech issues, this is a rebroadcast once again from March 8th, 2016 and April 26, 2016.  Thank you.

Tony is back on this Tuesday and he talks about his trip, first time, to Miami, Florida.  For he and his wife Angelica went down there for a wedding over the past weekend and talks about hanging with his friends and the wedding itself, as well as being in Florida for the very first time, having a great time and enjoying everything, including the climate and weather and had a fun time.  Father Anthony shares some of his memories from his family in Florida too.  The beautiful weather Chicago is having today might also be from Tony and Angelica, returning from Florida and here to stay maybe.  Florida is the main focus on the start of the show, as you can see and hear, but the subject matter turns more serious in terms of the Church, talking about the growing number of priests and baptized Catholics.  However, an interesting subject Father Anthony brings up today, which can relate to many various things he's talked about before, is the idea that we all have 3 sides to us: 1-The Public Persona, 2-Private/Family Persona, and 3-Interior Persona, all that we express during our lives with others and ourselves, all connected with Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, as well as talking about how people, especially celebrities have these in their/our lives.


Episode # 1494 - Dave Carollo and Father Joshua

This is a rebroadcast from July 25, 2016:

Also, wish to point out that on the live show had many technical problems and we apologize for any problems and inconveniences.  Thank you.

Dave Carollo is back on the show again today as a guest host for Father Anthony being away due to his continuing treatments and is joined by Father Joshua who has been on the show before and both men discuss the latest things going on in society today.  Both share their opinions on how our relationship with God, brings us closer to His love, as well as His help in times of need and help.  Dave also shares some of his past fun and experience once again with the Blue Army of Fatima.  These two also are very excited for upcoming events this month and next month, including the Tour Of Peace, with Father Joshua sharing more information on that.  With many of these in mind, both share facts on the topic of free will here with our relationship with God and the world.  For more information on Dave Carollo, Father Joshua and what they discussed and upcoming events, visit online at either: and/or


Episode # 1493 - Signs Of The Times We Live In The Present: 2016-Part 2

This is a rebroadcast and the second part of the two part show with the same title.  Thank you.

TGIF everyone and today is very special for Gerri is here and celebrates her 81st birthday today, only the celebration is interrupted by that Gerri fell this morning and has a black eye today, but don’t worry she is okay and she is in a good mood and happy today too.  The whole gang is here, not only to wish a happy birthday to Gerri, but Father Anthony picks up the discussion from yesterday with so many things to discuss that people face and go through today.  However, since it’s Gerri’s birthday, a bit of history is shared about her, not only her life, but her friendships with Father Anthony and everyone and how much she has done over the years.  Afterwards, Father Antony continues his discussion from yesterday in how people worship God and how that kind of worship, as well as relationship, is seen around us with other things.  He also shares possible ideas of how people can deal with these topics, and bring peace, harmony, and a sense of being that someone (God, and/or friends/family/coworkers) has our back.  Father Anthony also shares a bit of history on this subject, with the times changing and are different.  This allows for co-hosts Gerri, Christian, and Tony to voice their opinions on things that people do today and what they can do or how they act with topics discussed, not only in their/out way, but God’s way.  All in all, Father Anthony says that we live in a confused and deceptive time, but with God’s help, we get through it.    


Episode # 1492 - More Signs Of The Times We Live In The Present: 2016

Due to Father Anthony being away because of his continuing treatments and he is doing well, this is the first part of the two part show from  July 21s and 28th, 2016.  Thank you.

The heat is on today, literally, for on this very hot day in Chicago, Father Anthony returns after having a fever for a few days, and now back live on the air, unfortunately, it’s a very hot and humid day today and everyone is feeling it, both in and out of the studio.  Father Anthony has much to talk about today, due to being away for his chemotherapy every other week, and being back in the area, going back and forth is taxing sometimes, but he is okay and recovering.  One of the things discussed today is the idea of “serving God” and how it compares to people being served around us.  Another is Father Anthony being overwhelmed by many things, not just his therapy, but work and other things that can stress a person out, but feels grateful to all those who sent their thoughts and prayers to him, and still are, which allows him to share his recent feelings on things, related to him going through his recovery from cancer.  This once again leads to discussing the “signs of the times” we live in today, which includes not only applying to the laws of God, but people emulating people in society, as well as the terrible recent tragedy in France, and other things around us, such as the topic of transgender. 


Episode # 1491 - Objective Truth VS Subjective Truth

Father Koys is here and along with Tony, a great feeling is going on at the start of the show.  Father Koys is excited to be here and happy to fill in again for Father Antony Bush. He’s in the mood to “wrinkle your /out brains today with much to share on the show.  He starts off the show about talking about articles he’s read recently, featuring various things going on in the world, in particular things and gruesome acts going on in other countries.  One of the other things talked about is the Feast Day of Edith Stein and what Father Koys says and discusses, Phenomenology.  This kind of education you could say, also relates to getting to the truth and different kinds of truths Father Koys says, and discusses with Tony today, in particular, Objective Truth and Subjective Truth and how these two kinds of truth could be opposite from each other or against each other.  This could lead to how things are told to people or taught to kids perhaps and relates to Christianity and Islam too.  To help with this, Father Koys brings in, along with Tony’s help, a segment from the epic Star Wars saga, Return of the Jedi to be exact to help explain how anger can lead to evil.   


Episode # 1490 - The Return And Recovery Of Father Anthony Continued…

Due to Father Anthony being away for his treatments, this is a rebroadcast once again from about two months ago.  Thank you.

Father Anthony is still here this week and doing pretty good and is joined by Christina and Tony today and Father Anthony continues his discussion from yesterday, first thanking everyone for their prayers, well wishes, cards, and thoughts out to him for a well, speedy recovery.  Also, he shares and continues more on the experience he had during all this.  And reminds everyone to pray for the child Joseph who is also diagnosed with cancer, as Father Anthony shared yesterday and offers everyone to continue to send their thoughts and prayers for him too.  Father Anthony is still overwhelmed with what to pray for, due to so much suffering is going on in the world.  After the first break, Father Anthony has much to talk about, some things he promised yesterday to continue on, as well as things that he wants to bring up due to his recent medical experience due to his, as he calls it: “medical exile.”  He also shares much on what is going on in the world, as well as God being around us and helping us, as well as things with people, mainly focusing on “the salt of the Earth” here.