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Episode # 2044 - Leading To The Light

Due to Father Anthony having meetings today, this is a reair from September 11th, 2018.  Thank you.

The gang’s all here, with everyone doing well with the weather being good.  However, Father Anthony is still bothered and disturbed by the scandals and crisis going on within the church, on a global scale.  Father Anthony, Christina and Tony continue to share their thoughts and hopes to getting back to a better and much more good time than before.  For this, the phrase of the day Father Anthony uses to emphasize this is: “Lead to the Light.  Lead to God” in order to help us get through this.  Through this discussion and with this issue, Father Anthony asks many questions, including “Where do we go from here?”  in terms of getting through this and he and Tony and Christina try to answer them too.       


Episode # 2043 – Monday With Mary And Mike

Mary FioRito is back with us and she is joined by her dear friend and fellow host for Winds of Change, Mike Stark.  They’re feeling the Cubs Spirit since they are playing afternoon too, and Mike is ready, explaining how important today’s game is.  On a different note, Mary and Mike have an action packed show today, discussing many of the things going on around us, such as the Kavanaugh Hearings, today being the Feast Day of St. Therese of Lisieux, and a new biography about Cardinal George.  From this, Mike and Mary share and voice their opinions and work surrounding these various topics.  For more information on Mary and Mike, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

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Episode # 2042 –Hypersensitivity In The World Between The Generations

TGIF everyone and a very much needed one this week with so much going on, not just at Saint Stanislaus Kostka, but also around the world.  Father Anthony, Christina, and Tony talk about all that is happening all around the world, relating to the hypersensitivity and violence around us.  This raises points on the differences between the generations and how everyone, particularly children, in those generations has had to deal with or grow up dealing with and/or experiencing different things and situations.  This raises some ideas around being God Fearing between the generations and Father Anthony reminds us that God shouldn’t be seen that way, but as merciful, loving, and helpful.  Another fact shared is His Guardian Angels He has for us.           


Episode # 2041 – A Need To Pray The Rosary

The Two Tony’s are here once again on this Thursday show, but once again Father Anthony tries to figure out where to go.  With Tony’s help, the focus is on how fast October is coming up, but also to commit to praying the Rosary, a necessity with all the troubled times everyone is facing.  Father Anthony assures us that through this, God is here with us and He is there for us and to help us and guide us when we are troubled and/or dealing with troubled times.   It also allows Father Anthony and Tony to discuss the Mysteries of God and how they affect our lives and everything around us. 


Episode # 2040 - Father Koys And The Internal Crisis Of Catholicism

Due to Father Koys being out of town this week, this is a reair of one of his most popular shows from August 29th.  Thank you. 

Father Koys is back with us, but due to the recent scandals going on within the church, Father Koys finds himself feeling down on this.  He continues talking about the sexual abuse scandals going on and how they have affected many people, leading to the idea of personal failures and that we need a healing factor to help in this.  This raises many points along the lines of family, marriage, sexuality, homosexuality, and others in a deeper sense.  Father Koys also shares some words of Bishop Bob Barron on this particular issue and looking at “the light at the end of the tunnel” for this situation and a way to heal and figure out where do we go from here in terms of getting through it.                


Episode # 2039 – The World Turned Upside Down And Topsy Turvy

The question raised at the start of the show Father Anthony asks right away is, “Do you think this is the end of the World?”  This question is raised due to all the negative things that have turned the world and society upside down and/or topsy turvy.  Father Anthony, Christina, and Tony try to express their feelings of hope that things can and will get better, as well as remind all of us, to have faith in God and His help when things get bad.  Also to remind us that we are all children and servants of God and He will help us.  With all this negativity and troubled times, Father Anthony wants to share the message and words from the Virgin Mary on this and that good will prevail over evil.    


Episode # 2038 - Celebrating Qi Yuan Day

Due to Mary FioRito not feeling well, but she is okay and doing well, this is a reair from last Monday September 17th.  Thank you.

It’s Monday and Mary FioRito is back with us again on the show filling in for Father Anthony.  Today is a very special show due to Mary being joined by John Mauck and Brittany Booth from the Mauck and Baker Law Firm.  John Mauck and Brittany Booth discuss their firm with some of the cases and clients they have handled and worked with, including within the Pro-Life Community and Thomas Moore Society.  John and Brittany also discuss with Mary, Qi Yuan Day, sharing many historical facts surrounding this particular subject, explaining their roles with it, as well as its meaning and importance.  For more information on Mary, Mauck and Baker and Qi Yuan Day, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Mauk And Baker:

Qi Yuan Day:


Episode # 2037 – Frustration About A Difficult Time

TGIF everyone and Father Anthony continues his discussion from yesterday, about dealing with all the negative things causing so much frustration.  Father Anthony tries  to bring in positive aspects with this in mind and shares some more on what is going on in the world and in society, not just the current church crisis, and how he and everyone is getting frustrated with how things are these days.  He also shares recent news articles surrounding these issues.  With all this, Father Anthony once again reminds us to have faith in God and with His help, we’ll get through things and allow our voices to be heard with this difficult time.     


Episode # 2036 – Frustration From The Scandal

Once again, TGIAF everyone and the day seems to have been busy.  Father Anthony starts off with all that is on his mind, work and things going on not only at St. Stans, but also all around us, making everyone frustrated.  Father Anthony continues more on the hypersensitivity in the world and also, he talks about the manipulation that happens to us and leads to a lack of trust, including the recent scandal, allowing Christina, Tony and even Father Anthony himself to voice their anger and opinion on this.  This reflects how the public is also frustrated and angry with this.  Father Anthony also points out the signs of the times and even though times are hard, we need to remind ourselves that God will help us.       


Episode # 2035 – Father Koys Tests Our Philosophical Knowledge Databases

It’s Wednesday and it’s brain wrinkling time with Father Koys today.  On the show, he wants to focus on the philosophical areas and test our philosophical knowledge with many things.  These include various topics not only within the church, but around the world.  He also distinguishes the difference between knowledge and wisdom.  He also explores more ways to guide us and the church to get through difficult times.  Another area Father Koys explores is by looking at certain emotional words such as trust, curiosity, frustration, and others and refers to Father Mallon’s teachings in his Divine Renovation.