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Episode # 1787 – The Continuous Struggle Of Good VS Evil Part 2

Father Anthony and Tony pick up where they left off on Tuesday this week and talking about the continuous struggle of good vs evil in this world.  One of the many factors surrounding this, is the many, many tragedies and realities of Life we face, including the terrible tragic shootings in Las Vegas on Monday, as well as the many natural disasters many in America and Puerto Rico have faced with hurricanes and earthquakes.  Father Anthony talks about “tuning it out” after being exposed to all of this in the past week, with so much bad going on.  However, he reminds us that Life is and can be good, despite the struggles we face.  This discussion allows Father Anthony to bring to mind people he recently visited in hospitals and dealing with loss or sickness or recovery from all things.  He also points out that we also have to put our faith in God to help us get through all this, but at times, we can get tired of the questions that can create pain for those going through tough times, with Father Anthony trying to provide the answers to help.  This raises new points on compassion and suffering with all this in mind, allowing us to “tune in to God” Father Anthony tells Tony and all.  Despite all this, Father Anthony again reminds us that “God has our back” in our times of struggle and that God will help us and comfort us in our times of need and suffering, allowing us to get through these tough and hard times, allowing us to remember that and God will help and guide us.    


Episode # 1786 - The Connection Between Natural Law And The Theology Of The Body

Due to schedule complications, this is a re-air from September 13th.  Thank you very much.

Father Koys joins us this Wednesday as always and is very happy to be here today.  As the title of the show says, he wants to look at one of his favorite topics and one he likes to discuss on the show a lot: the connection between Natural Law and the theology of the Body, which he's talked about on previous shows.  Today, to help him out with this, on the phone is his guest Father Brian Mallady, a Dominican Priest from Portland, Oregon and the Holy Rosary Church there, when he is not teaching at other places around the country.  He also is going to have a talk this weekend in Marytown in Libertyville on various issues, including the one talked about today.  Father Koys first allows Father Brian to share a bit about himself and both men have similar and even shared opinions on various things mentioned in today's discussion on the connection between Natural Law and the theology of the Body, but also these two talk about other things.  In particular, both Father Brian and Koys discuss more on Planned Parenthood, as well as other topics life Pro-Life and abortion.  They also use a few references from the Civil War Era in American History to help talk about these points.  For more information on the talk that Father Brian Mallady will be conducting this weekend in Libertyville, call at: 847-223-7072.

*A reminder that this was a show weeks ago, and the event talked about was already conducted and held.  Thank you.  


Episode # 1785 – The Continuous Struggle Of Good VS Evil

Father Anthony is here with us again today and as always, ready to talk about the distress and the battle we face all the time.  The focus first is talking about the latest information and update on the tragic shooting massacre in Las Vegas on Sunday, which now has reported now 59 dead and over 500 injured, leading Father Anthony to say we live in very difficult times today.  This allows Father Anthony and Tony to discuss how many have sent their thoughts and prayers to all the families and the victims of this terrible shooting massacre, affecting all of America.  This allows Father Anthony to offer praise to all those who not only came to the Healing Mass over the weekend, but also those who deal with all kinds of evil and danger in the world, including the tragic shooting, which includes; police, first responders, firefighters, soldiers, and all others who deal with tragedies and emergencies.  Father Anthony also talks about how the battel between good and evil is going on, but it seems evil is getting the upper hand at times.  The ultimate question asked here, along with trying to figure out the motive behind the Las Vegas shootings, is “Why?”  This also brings to mind what Father Anthony calls “The Culture War” in terms of what is going on in society and around us with different cultures and our behaviors to each other.  Another question asked with all this in mind is, with God helping, guiding, and protecting us, as well as loves us and all powerful, “Why all this suffering , pain, injustice, and evil?”  Father Anthony and Tony talk about how various people of various ages can answer that, as well as provide possible answers to this.          


Episode # 1784 – Feast Day Of The Guardian Angels With Father Brendan Guilfoil

Today Mary FioRito joins us on the show.  But, before she begins, she opens up with talking about the tragic shootings that occurred in Las Vegas last night/Sunday night, leaving at least 50 dead and 400 injured, the worst shooting in American history and President Trump calling it “an act of pure evil.”  All of us at Winds of Change offer our thoughts and prayers to all those who are going through this terrible tragedy in Las Vegas.  She is also joined by Father Brendan Guilfoil and as stated before, Mary and Father Brendan discuss this terrible tragedy, with more victims being found and more injured as the morning/afternoon goes by today.  Also, today Father Brendan and Mary talk about the Guardian Angels, today being their Feast Day and how we need them more than ever today.  During this discussion, Father Brendan talks about who and/or what Angels and Guardian Angels are, what they do, how they help, how they watch us, why God has them and more on their purpose for all of us here on Earth.  This also raises up Fallen Angels, such as Satan Himself here, showing their differences and explaining them.  This also allows to discuss subjects that Angels and Guardian Angels are connected to, such as marriage and helping us.  Along those lines, Mary asks Father Brendan about himself and his connections to Guardian Angels with him sharing when he became a priest and the experiences that led to that. As the show goes, more on Guardian Angels are shared and talked about, in terms of helping and assisting us on Earth and protecting us, as well as talking about other Angels too.  Being a parent and mother herself, Mary asks Father Brendan how parents can talk to their kids about Guardian Angels.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Father Brendan Guilfoyle, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Father Brendan Guilfoil:


Episode # 1783 – Technology With The Two Tony’s

Father Anthony is back with us today and joined by Tony on this Friday and opening up the show, Father Anthony talks about all the listeners that we have for Winds of Change, about 5,000, as well as people going on Facebook and seeing our page on there too, about 17,000 hits Father Anthony points out.  However, Father Anthony talks about both the good and bad facts surrounding social media sites and the use of technology.  Today is also the Feast Day of the Archangels and Father Anthony shares a bit on that today too.  Tony gets a few questions from Father Anthony today too, surrounding special and sacred things, some Father Anthony talks about today, some that he forgets at the start of the show, but will come back, but first talks about technology and Tony.  With talking about technology, Father Anthony reminds us that we are in a time of Grace and we need to reestablish our relationship with God and brings up points from last week on this again.  This brings up the previous topic of discussion of Father Anthony talking about how “the noise is all around us” and we need time for silence at times, allowing both Tony and Father Anthony to say about how technology and noise is all around us and surrounds us, and that we are so used to it, we need moments of silence to break from it and in doing that, allow for the silence to be used in prayer for example or just enjoying the silence in the fast moving, technological world we live in and shut the noise out.  With all this in mind, Father Anthony points out that we are searching for God and brings to mind some musicians and celebrities again, such as Lady Gaga.      


Episode # 1782 - Who Do You Say You Are?

Due to Father Anthony being away at Rochester this week, but is scheduled to retrun and be on live tomorrow, this is a re-air from August 31st.  Thank you very much.

"It's going to be one of those days" Father Anthony says since a few tech issues are going on, but getting straightened out by Producer Nick and with much to talk about and discuss today too.  Father Anthony and Tony are back with us today on this Thursday on the last day of August in 2017.  The discussion picks up a bit from Tuesday's show, but mainly Father Anthony asks a very important question that we all can relate too: "Who do you say you are?"  This allows the two to discuss this in terms of not only our own identities, but also in terms of our faith and beliefs as well.  To help with this, Father Anthony talks about some historical points, involving Jesus and how some of the people in His time knew or how they knew he was the son of God.  Through this, Tony and Father Anthony share this along the lines of how the way things are in the world or currently in the world, in the sensitive society we have around us or that we have made around us due to the many things we have and look at and watch and are entertained by. 


Episode # 1781 – Football And Emperor Charles The 5th

Father Koys returns to us on this last Wednesday in September, as Fall comes around the corner here in Chicago and everywhere.  Things are looking pretty good today.  Father Koys main focus this time is on, Football and Emperor Charles the 5th today, a very unusual combination, but relates to things going on today in the world.  To be more specific, the 16th Century is where Father Koys is focusing on by going back in to history along the lines of talking about Emperor Charles the 5th.  This also relates to Father Koys talking about the recent stories in the news, surrounding the recent activity by some during the National Anthem, showing the way things are in society or between people in the world today.  Once again, this brings up many facts surrounding family and extended family here, as well as looking at the Roman Empire in the past, linking it to the United States today.  This brings up Father Koys talking about the “Jedi Mind Trick” from Star Wars and relating to how people are thinking today or are being influenced to think about thinks today, mostly on the Football players and the National Anthem recently.    


Episode # 1780 - The Need For Sacred Silence

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester, MN for his continued treatments, and don't worry, he is doing very well and going through them well and recovering, but this is a re-air from August 8th.  Thank you.

It’s Tuesday and we have again with us the Two Tony’s again today, with Father Anthony trying to get used to and is used to the morning walks most do.  However, it’s a beautiful day today and the show picks up where Father Anthony and Tony left off yesterday, in terms of the way things are and the city of Chicago itself being a casualty with so many shootings going on, including the 30 over the past weekend.  This also raises up some things including how we are all surrounded by noise and Father Anthony explains the power of silence.  He also talks to Tony and everyone about the Sacred Mysteries around us and that we wonder about ourselves, that mission due to being servants and disciples of God.  This allows both Tony and Father Anthony to reminisce about being at St. Stanislaus Kostka in the past.  After the first break, Father Anthony and Tony discuss the “need for silence” again due to lots of things around us, including music, create noise and we are around it so much, the need for silence and silent prayer you could say is definitely sacred and worth needing.   This allows us to listen and in a way, as Father Anthony points out, that even though we can’t exactly “hear” the voice of God, by the silence, there are ways to “hear” Him in a manner.  Next on this discussion is Pope Sixtus and reminds about that sacred space we have for God and everything.   


Episode 1779 – Interview With Father Juan Velez

On this very hot (odd for and record breaking heat today), we join after being away for lots of things, Mary FioRito is back with us again today and she has with her on the show today, Father Juan Velez, author of a new book on John Henry Newman.  Father Juan Velez starts off the show talking about himself, his family and as a priest and the work he has done, including not only being a priest, but also a doctor too.  This allows Mary and Father Velez to talk about particular people he knows and worked with, or historical figures such as Cardinals within the Church.  This leads to talk about the main focus of Father Juan Velez’s latest book on John Henry Newman, Holiness in a Secular Age: The Witness of Cardinal Newman, a study of the workings, writings and more of John Henry Newman, which leads to some very interesting facts.  After the first break, Father Velez talks about what he went through with writing his new book on Cardinal John Henry Newman, raising some personal feelings about being affected by the Cardinals teachings and work.  As the discussion goes on, Father Velez and Mary talk about some of the chapters in the book, with some historical facts on Cardinal Newman and their opinions on things mentioned (SPOILER ALERT if you plan to read the book).  For more information on Mary FioRito and Father Juan Velez and his new book: Holiness in a Secular Age: The Witness of Cardinal Newman, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Father Juan Velez:


Episode # 1778 – The Need For Deviations And For God

Another very good Friday today on Winds of Change, despite Father Anthony coming straight from a funeral at the start of the day.  He feels he needs to be more organized, as he has much on his mind once again today, just like yesterday, but not necessarily bad.  Tony once again joins him, their fourth day in a row this week being live on the show, starting on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and today.  Communication is key here in terms of what Father Anthony starts off today.  He also talks about how many masses he has this weekend coming up too.  This brings up Father Anthony talking about working so much and work related stress, related to how much Jesus Himself went through, before and during his crucifixion.  Through all this overwhelming content, Father Anthony tells Tony and all that there is a need for a break, in terms of relaxation and taking time for fun and family.  This also brings to mind how the Devil makes things easy, as well as sinful, but also how God’s path is good, but takes work and is possible.  Father Anthony however feels that we have “lost our sensitivity” to beings and things like God and sin and our faith.  After as Father Anthony says “30 minutes of nonstop talk” (LOL) he and Tony continue the discussion left off from yesterday and talks more about the mysteries of God.  This brings back the “need” for God and for people, as well as the need for things to relax with, such as sports, entertainment, and even Producer Nick and Tony’s fandom of comic books.  The need for deviations like these, which are ways of relaxing from all the stress and work that everyone has in their lives, which also might turn into an obsession or leading us away from things.  Towards the end of the show today, Father Anthony asks Tony, as well as everyone: “What will it take?” in terms of trying to recognize the need for the Sacred Worship of God, as well as allowing us to relax at times too, knowing God is there for us and with us and the need for hope and love, especially after all the natural disasters that have hit parts of the world in recent weeks.