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Episode # 1917 – The First Week Of The Easter Season

After a few busy days, Father Anthony, Christina, and Tony return today.  The first week of April, the first week of the Easter Season is here, but still feels like Christmas due to still cold and snow.  Despite that, everyone is feeling good and due to Easter being last weekend everyone had fun.  But Father Anthony shares some sad news, how one of the students from St. Stans passed away on Palm Sunday.  On a more positive subject, everyone talks about Easter and theirs this year and all the programs that air/aired on TV.  From this, Father Anthony talks about the Easter Season itself here, as well as Life and the works of Paul Harvey.         


Episode # 1916 – Review Of Jesus Christ Superstar 2018

Father Koys is here once again and after being away for some time, he feels great to be back.  He brings up one of the most recent stories in the media that occurred on Easter this past weekend and in New York City and that was the new and recent production of the show/musical:  Jesus Christ Superstar.  He shares interviews from the cast and talks about the show, as well as the historical background.  One part or person in the story that is talked about a lot is Judas Iscariot.  This also has Father Koys raise up his theological discussion surrounding religion and the show.     


Episode # 1915 - Continuing The Discussion Of Technology In Our Lives

Due to Father Anthony being away to take care of buisness, this is a reair from March 6th.  Thank you.

Father Anthony is back with us today after being away for his treatments last week and doing very well too.  Today, he, Christina and Tony feel good about how the day is a good, lovely day, especially after not getting all the snow that was forecasted.  On the other hand, everyone continues the discussion that has been on their minds for the last few days, social media, technology, and the internet.  This in turn, leads to the stress in people’s lives and how our lives have changed in some areas.  Another thing this discussion raises, is with all this around us, there is a need for redemption and forgiveness.     


Episode # 1914 - St. Josephs Day 2018

Due to Easter being over the weekend Sunday and again Happy Easter everyone, Father Anthony is away taking care of things and Mary is away on business, so this is a reair from March 19th.  Thank you.

It’s Monday and Mary FioRito is back with us and joining her in the studio today is Father Brendan the Associate Pastor from the Saint George Church in Tinley Park, Illinois.  For one thing, today is St. Josephs Day and Father Brendan explains the importance of this day and the historical facts surrounding it.  He also talks about St. Joseph himself and his crucial role to Mary and Jesus.  Mary and Father Brendan share some historical stories surrounding Joseph.  The second topic of the day, which could be connected to St Joseph,  is “rebooting” your Lent this year if you “fell off” the band wagon of Lent or slipped a bit, with Father Brendan giving advice. For more information visit online at:

Mary FioRito-

Father Brendan:

The Staircase that St. Joseph Built in New Mexico:


Episode # 1913 – Good Friday 2018

TGIF everyone and Happy Good Friday/Holy Friday today.  Even though today is Good/Holy Friday, Father Anthony and Christina share the results and success of the mass held yesterday for Holy Thursday.  This brings up a lot of positive things as a result from all the support and attendance for the mass.  After the first break, Tony joins the discussion, as it moves toward talking about Good Friday itself.  This also allows Father Anthony to talk about his past about becoming a priest and turning to God. This also brings up everyone’s relationship with God and how we turn towards and away to Him.  From all of us at Winds of Change, Happy Easter everyone.       


Episode # 1912 – Holy Week And Holy Thursday 2018

“The hour has come” Father Anthony starts off the show with Holy Week still going on and that Easter is coming closer and closer this weekend.  Father Anthony talks mainly about Holy Thursday today, including the readings held during the mass this morning and how much has been talked about on the show this week.  Some of the readings Father Anthony goes over surrounds Passover and what was feasted on and done during that time.  With “the hour has come” Father Anthony says, he asks Christina and Tony, (as well as you all) who initiated it and they answer.  This also brings up the Resurrection Of Christ too and how we are all servants to God and sons and daughters of the Lord.      


Episode # 1911 – Holy Week 2018 Continues

Father Anthony is here filling in for Father Koys, when it usually is the other way around LOL, but Holy Week continues this week.  Christina and Tony join him again and the discussion continues from yesterday since Holy Week is upon us.  Father Anthony focuses on not only the days themselves during this special time, but also the many, many people from historical parts.  One of these main people is Judas Iscariot and his betrayal of Christ.  Another aspect explored here is Atheism VS believing in God. 


Episode # 1910 – Holy Week 2018

After being away for treatments and taking care of things around Saint Stanislaus Kostka, Father Anthony has returned on the show, as well as Tony and Christina.  Lots to discuss and talk about today, Holy Week being here this week, which leads to Easter this coming Sunday.  With Holy Week here, Father Anthony shares how many special things happen during this time, but how very few seem to be following this.  This brings good and bad things that have happened recently, bringing up many stirred feelings, being honest, turning to God in times of need and the way things have changed today.      


Episode # 1909 - Mike Stark Returns

Due to Father Anthony taking care of business and Mary away on business, this is a reair from February 26th.  Thank you.

It’s Monday and Mary FioRito is back with us after dealing with some family business, but all is okay.  Today, she is joined by a former guest of the show, Mike Stark from Truth and Life Bible Series, who is now producing a new documentary on Cardinal George, that will air and premier on Easter Sunday.  With the documentary coming up, Mary and Mike discuss what people can expect to see and it's production.  Also, with his Truth and Life Bible series in mind, this allows Mike and Mary to discuss some of the social media sites and how many use them today.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Mike Stark and the upcoming documentary on Cardinal George and the Truth and Life Bible Series, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

Mike Stark: and


Episode # 1908 - Completion Of The First Week Of Lent 2018

Due to Father Anthony not feeling well, but he's doing alright and recovering okay and with lot's for him to complete with Holy Week and Easter coming up, this is a reair from February 23rd.  Thank you.  

TGIF and completing the first week of Lent is what Father Anthony starts off the show, asking all including Christina and Tony what are the three things that need to be done in Lent.  The excitement continues with talking about the kids at St. Stans School too with how they know much on this and what they do for Lent.  One different topic, everyone talks about Cardinal Sarah and what he has written recently.  With Lent going on, more is discussed further on it, historical and what people do in the present.  This goes back to what Father Anthony said yesterday, a need for a reawakening.