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Episode # 1909 - Mike Stark Returns

March 26, 2018

Due to Father Anthony taking care of business and Mary away on business, this is a reair from February 26th.  Thank you.

It’s Monday and Mary FioRito is back with us after dealing with some family business, but all is okay.  Today, she is joined by a former guest of the show, Mike Stark from Truth and Life Bible Series, who is now producing a new documentary on Cardinal George, that will air and premier on Easter Sunday.  With the documentary coming up, Mary and Mike discuss what people can expect to see and it's production.  Also, with his Truth and Life Bible series in mind, this allows Mike and Mary to discuss some of the social media sites and how many use them today.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Mike Stark and the upcoming documentary on Cardinal George and the Truth and Life Bible Series, visit online at:

Mary FioRito:

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