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Episode # 1908 - Completion Of The First Week Of Lent 2018

March 23, 2018

Due to Father Anthony not feeling well, but he's doing alright and recovering okay and with lot's for him to complete with Holy Week and Easter coming up, this is a reair from February 23rd.  Thank you.  

TGIF and completing the first week of Lent is what Father Anthony starts off the show, asking all including Christina and Tony what are the three things that need to be done in Lent.  The excitement continues with talking about the kids at St. Stans School too with how they know much on this and what they do for Lent.  One different topic, everyone talks about Cardinal Sarah and what he has written recently.  With Lent going on, more is discussed further on it, historical and what people do in the present.  This goes back to what Father Anthony said yesterday, a need for a reawakening.