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Episode # 1892 - Bullying In School And Society

March 1, 2018

Due to Father Anthony returning from his recent trip to Minnisota for his continued treatments, and he is doing very well but catching up on work that needs to be completed, this is a reair from January 18th.  Thank you.

After a fun start on the show, Tony waiting for Father Anthony when it’s usually the other way around, Father Anthony talks about St Stanislaus Kostka School and how proud he is with the students/kids there.  With school in mind, this brings up how many kids are bullied in schools and how that bullying can and in fact goes on in society with people.  This bullying is a result of so many things around us that lots of people have various opinions and feelings on, leading to several reactions that have shaped society today.  This also brings up and is a way of bullying, all the sexual harassment cases that have recently appeared in the media dealing with major celebrities, newscasters, and politicians.