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Episode # 1872 - Distractions And Deviations

February 1, 2018

Due to a scheudling conflict, Bishop Joseph Perry will not be hosting today's show as originally promoted.  We apologize for any inconvinces and due to that, this is a reair from January 4th, 2018.  Thank you.

With four days into the New Year, the gang is all here today, and on the show, Father Anthony prepares himself and offers everyone to pray for him, since next week he will be in surgery and thanks everyone for their prayers.  From this, Father Anthony continues his discussion from the last few shows on how things are different now and changed in the world.  He discusses how people and kids have so many things and technology, making the world different and having so many distractions these days, cell phones in particular.  This also brings to mind our relationship with God and our faith.