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Episode # 1858 - The Days Before 2018

January 12, 2018

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rocehster and going through his surgery, this is a reair from December 29th, 2017.  All of us at Winds of Change, Saint Stansislaus Kostka and Loyal Listeners send our thoughts and prayers to him for a full and fast recovery.  We'll keep you all posted on his progress.  Thank you.

Everyone is “running” into the studio as the show starts, Tony and Christina rush to join Father Anthony on this final show of 2017, getting ready for 2018.  The Feast of the Holy Family and The Holy Mother Of God are being prepared around St. Stanislaus to bring in the new year.  Picking up the show from Thursday, Father Anthony continues the discussion with talking about resolving things and resolutions, giving our trust over to God.  This brings to mind once again, things going on in society, the family, and marriage and how things have changed in a way, as well as our relationship with and to God.  From all of us at Winds of Change: Happy New Year Everyone. Have a great 2018.