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Episode # 1849 - The Future Of The World Of Finance

December 29, 2017

From all of us at Winds Of Change: Happy New Year everyone.  To start off 2018, this is a re-air from December 18th, 2017 and will officailly air Monday January 1st 2018.  Thank you and again, Happy New Year.  

Mary FioRito is back with us on this Monday and she has a very special guest on with her: Bill Ulivieri, owner and an Investment Advisor for Cenacle Capital Management.  Mary and Bill discuss on the show today, “the scary world of finance” as Mary says, in particular the latest finical asset and new evolution of money, bitcoin.  With Bill’s help, he explains how bitcoin works, is used, and its future in the economy.  He and Mary also look at the many aspects of the financial world: past, present, and possible future in terms of where it’s going the way many economies are today and with this new form of digital currency.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Bill Ulivieri and bitcoin information, visit online at:

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