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Episode # 1827 - Aftermath Of Natural Disasters In 2017

November 30, 2017

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rocehster for continuing treatments and doing well and recovering fine, this is a re-air from October 19th and September 21st, thank you.

Father Anthony and Tony are here with us and the very first thing Father Anthony talks about is the aftermath of those who are suffering from the hurricanes that have struck Puerto Rico and how millions there are without power and causing several problems.  Other natural disasters talked about is the earthquake that struck Mexico recently, causing a similar situation for those there and the areas of the United States in Texas and Florida that were struck by the hurricanes as well.   This allows Father Anthony to point out that Life itself is very sacred and is a gift, but how fragile Life can be too, which leads to the question:  “God, how can you allow this to happen?”  One thing Father Anthony also points out and tries to connect with all these natural disasters that happened, is the possiblity of sin.  Another, is when we turn to God in these situations.