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Episode # 1822 - Thanksgiving 2017

November 22, 2017

From all of us at Winds of Change, Happy Thanksgiving everyone and this is a re-air from October 27th and will officailly air on November 23rd, 2017.  Thank you and again Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

The day is very good and feeling great, due to that a very special surprise is here on the show: Christina returns after a few months of recovering from surgery and doing all kinds of work around at St. Stans, in fact sadly she’s been out since Gerri’s funeral.  Christina shares all she’s been doing and going through with all this in mind, including going into surgery on her birthday of all days.  The holiday's are coming up and there is much to prepare for as well.  One major point Father Anthony wants to talk about is an article titled: Promises Promises, which discuss some of the things going on in the world and how many things are promised, just a possibility that they come true or not.