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Episode # 1812 - More On How The Times Have Changed

November 9, 2017

With Father Anthony being away in Rochester for treatments and doing well and recovering well, this is a re-air from October 26th.  Thank you.

Father Anthony is back with us and Tony, who as usual “flies in” as the show starts.  The feeling is good because Father Anthony talks about a visiting Bishop and how he is visiting the area and going on other radio shows and Father Anthony talks about him for a bit at the start of the show.  Next, Father Anthony reads and talks about with Tony on some articles that he recently read, three to be exact and how he feels on some of the things mentioned.  One of the main focuses in this discussion is around Alter Boys and Girls.  This allows Father Anthony to talk about some of the things in his past, as well as talking about how things were different and how he dealt with certain things and topics, as well as reflecting on how things were different back then than they are now.  He also talks about his visits to Ireland.  Through all this, it brings to mind our Faith in God and this discussion talks about Alter Boys and Girls, as well as stated before, talking about how the times have changed. This raises up something Father Anthony talks about, with what is normal and what isn’t normal in our world.  This brings up more on those who are God Fearing, as well as those who turn to God and ask for His help.