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Episode # 1810 - Interview With Dan Proft

November 7, 2017

Due to miscommuinications and Father Anhtony out, this is a re-air from October 23rd.  We apologize for any inconvinces or confusion.  Also, this is one of our most popular shows too.  Thank you.

Today on this Monday, (but for today it's Tuesday) as promoted and talked about, Mary FioRito is joined by Dan Proft, fellow radio host from The Answer Chicago’s Morning Answer on AM 560 The Answer WIND, and today the two discuss one of the recent topics in media, Illinois Politics and where and how the politicians in Illinois are and acting.  They discuss how many Catholics might be affected by them and what they plan to do in terms of issues and political/government issues.  This brings to mind many current Illinois politicians and possible future ones with upcoming elections.  This discussion through the many issues talked about by Mary and Dan also show the possible future for Illinois in this area. Dan also offers his opinion for Mary and all of our listeners to hear on how he feels on some of these issues, as well as some of these people mentioned too.  This also brings up other areas related to politics, such as Catholic Schools, abortion, and Pro-Life, the economic areas, gender areas, and others that affect lots of people, many that have been discussed on previous shows on Winds of Change.  One of the major topics of discussion that is talked about by Mary and Dan after the second break is the recent decision that Governor Rauner recently made, drawing much attention in the media and the public.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Dan Proft, visit online or email at:

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