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Episode # 1791 - Football And Emperor Charles The 5th

October 11, 2017

Due to Father Koys being away, this is a re-air from September 27th.  Thank you.

Father Koys returns to us on this last Wednesday in September, as Fall comes around the corner here in Chicago and everywhere.  Things are looking pretty good today.  Father Koys main focus this time is on, Football and Emperor Charles the 5th today, a very unusual combination, but relates to things going on today in the world.  To be more specific, the 16th Century is where Father Koys is focusing on by going back in to history along the lines of talking about Emperor Charles the 5th.  This also relates to Father Koys talking about the recent stories in the news, surrounding the recent activity by some during the National Anthem, showing the way things are in society or between people in the world today.  Once again, this brings up many facts surrounding family and extended family here, as well as looking at the Roman Empire in the past, linking it to the United States today.  This brings up Father Koys talking about the “Jedi Mind Trick” from Star Wars and relating to how people are thinking today or are being influenced to think about thinks today, mostly on the Football players and the National Anthem recently.