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Episode # 1788 - First Friday Of October

October 6, 2017

TGIF everyone and we join on this First Friday of October, instead of Geoff Hammond who is away due to scheduling complications, Father Anthony and Tony join us today.  However, instead of being perhaps a good Friday, the conversation continues on the violence and terrible things happening, especially in Las Vegas this week, Chicago and in other areas, showing how the times are different than those of the past.  Father Anthony brings up how things can possibly change to make things better and help to stop the violence surrounding us in society today, with Tony's help too, offering some very insightful thoughts.  With these things in mind, Father Anthony talks about seeing the recent war movie: Dunkirk.  This also brings to mind the violence in the world, but also how many have in a way, turned away from God.  This allows Father Anthony to bring up talking about the kids at St Stans School and talking to them about things, and how we can come back to and/or go back to God and His laws.