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Episode # 1786 - The Connection Between Natural Law And The Theology Of The Body

October 4, 2017

Due to schedule complications, this is a re-air from September 13th.  Thank you very much.

Father Koys joins us this Wednesday as always and is very happy to be here today.  As the title of the show says, he wants to look at one of his favorite topics and one he likes to discuss on the show a lot: the connection between Natural Law and the theology of the Body, which he's talked about on previous shows.  Today, to help him out with this, on the phone is his guest Father Brian Mallady, a Dominican Priest from Portland, Oregon and the Holy Rosary Church there, when he is not teaching at other places around the country.  He also is going to have a talk this weekend in Marytown in Libertyville on various issues, including the one talked about today.  Father Koys first allows Father Brian to share a bit about himself and both men have similar and even shared opinions on various things mentioned in today's discussion on the connection between Natural Law and the theology of the Body, but also these two talk about other things.  In particular, both Father Brian and Koys discuss more on Planned Parenthood, as well as other topics life Pro-Life and abortion.  They also use a few references from the Civil War Era in American History to help talk about these points.  For more information on the talk that Father Brian Mallady will be conducting this weekend in Libertyville, call at: 847-223-7072.

*A reminder that this was a show weeks ago, and the event talked about was already conducted and held.  Thank you.