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Episode # 1780 - The Need For Sacred Silence

September 26, 2017

Due to Father Anthony being away in Rochester, MN for his continued treatments, and don't worry, he is doing very well and going through them well and recovering, but this is a re-air from August 8th.  Thank you.

It’s Tuesday and we have again with us the Two Tony’s again today, with Father Anthony trying to get used to and is used to the morning walks most do.  However, it’s a beautiful day today and the show picks up where Father Anthony and Tony left off yesterday, in terms of the way things are and the city of Chicago itself being a casualty with so many shootings going on, including the 30 over the past weekend.  This also raises up some things including how we are all surrounded by noise and Father Anthony explains the power of silence.  He also talks to Tony and everyone about the Sacred Mysteries around us and that we wonder about ourselves, that mission due to being servants and disciples of God.  This allows both Tony and Father Anthony to reminisce about being at St. Stanislaus Kostka in the past.  After the first break, Father Anthony and Tony discuss the “need for silence” again due to lots of things around us, including music, create noise and we are around it so much, the need for silence and silent prayer you could say is definitely sacred and worth needing.   This allows us to listen and in a way, as Father Anthony points out, that even though we can’t exactly “hear” the voice of God, by the silence, there are ways to “hear” Him in a manner.  Next on this discussion is Pope Sixtus and reminds about that sacred space we have for God and everything.