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Episode # 1777- Aftermath Of Natural Disasters In 2017

September 21, 2017

Father Anthony and Tony are here with us and the very first thing Father Anthony talks about is the aftermath of those who are suffering from the hurricanes that have struck Puerto Rico and how millions there are without power and how so many natural disasters are happening all over the world and causing many problems for lots of people.  Another is the earthquake that struck Mexico recently, allowing Father Anthony to point out that Life Itself is very sacred and is a gift as well, and fragile Life can be.  This also brings up Father Anthony talking about sins again, but also that we need compassion and forgiveness in Life as well.  Tony also shares how people might feel on this, such as voicing what many might say in terms of when bad things happen, such as the saying/phrase; “God, how can you allow this to happen?”  Father Anthony also shares the idea of how many either embrace or believe in God or if you follow the atheist view and don’t believe in God, with the idea of “seeing or not seeing God.”  This also brings up how we are asking ourselves if God is destroying and causing all this, but also how God doesn’t give up on us and His love is always with us and He helps us, allowing us to choose to go to darkness or to the light.  As the discussion continues, Father Anthony points out that even though things are the way they are now in the world, but also talks about the Church in terms of a whole.  Towards the end of the show, Father Anthony asks the question of how we can allow for a reawakening in God and our faith in God.  This connects to the first topic of discussion, with all the natural disasters happening all over the world.