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Episode # 1774 - Father Anthony Returns Of New York

September 18, 2017

Monday is here and Father Anthony is here with Tony, filling in for Mary FioRito, who usually fills in for Father Anthony, but since she is in Washington, Father Anthony is here today.  He returns after a trip to New York City and due to the weather, allergies or a really bad cold is affecting him, as others including Producer Nick and Tony too, which starts off the show.  The discussion turns to talking about all the things going on at St. Stans right now, including the most recent newsletter Father Anthony is writing up for this week.  He and Tony also reflect on the readings from masses recently on Sunday and this morning.  After all that, Father Anthony shares with Tony and everyone how his trip to New York City went, with some good, some if not bad but interesting things that happened.  He also shares and points out some of the things he saw, such as high-rise apartment areas and compares to Chicago, as well as thinking about how people can afford places like that.  On another topic, Father Anthony reflects and talks about the aftermath of Hurricane Irma that struck Florida two weekends ago, as well as Texas still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.  After the first break, Father Anthony continues on the discussion on the Church as a whole and how we turn to God and He helps us in our times of need.