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Episode # 1746 - Larry Schweikart On Religious Tolerance

August 9, 2017

Due to Father Koys away because of scheudling conflicts, this is a re-air from July 20th.  Thank you.

It’s Wednesday and as always, Father Koys is here with us again on the show and is very excited to be here.  Picking up this discussion from last week and before, Father Koys talks about one of his heroes, Denis Prager, who has had many discussions in the media surrounding many issues, some that Winds of Change has talked about.  One of the main focuses on here with Denis Prager in mind, is the distinctions between Catholic Christians and Protestant Christians, with Father Koys expressing that in this day and age, we need to work together.  Another of Father Koys heroes he talks about mainly today and tries to analyze what he recently talked about at Prager Univeristy, is Larry Schweikart, who discusses religious tolerance here on the show, provided with a few audio clips of his most recent discussions on this, as well as being a history fan as Father Koys is, many historical parts are brought up from and in America, with religious tolerance and patriotism.  But the audio clips from Larry Schweikart bring to mind the questions and answers that possibly are brought up on religious tolerance.  This discussion raises some key points that you, our listeners, may agree or disagree with since many have their own opinions on things and these topics.  This also raises different views regarding political views too.