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Episode # 1740 - Back In Action

August 1, 2017

After a week of reairs, reruns, and retests, Father Anthony is back with us today, along with Tony and very happy to be here.  To start off, the main focus, that seems to be troubling lots of people this summer is allergies and how they have been acting up for Father ANhtony, Tony and everyone.  Another, is that Father Anthony once again talks with Tony on how “Life is work” and there is so much to do and so many problems, allowing us to “unplug” from things, not just in terms of technology, but days of rest and vacations.  This leads to talking about possessions that we have and treasures.  These include, not only our own things we own and have, but also the “pearl” Father Anthony talks about, with God.  From this, Father Anthony talks about his morning routine in terms of lots to do and what he’s done.  Father Anthony is on a roll today with much to mention on this.  He also brings up how his car was reprocessed and talks about that after everything else along the lines of our relationship with God.  Through this, Father Anthony shares some things on sins and sinners on Earth and brings up Good and Evil, as well as God being forgiving to us, with Tony sharing his opinions on this.  This allows Father Anthony to talk about God talking to Moses here, as well as Jesus being brought to us, but also how God not only forgives, but punishes too at times.  This brings up the consequences of things we do and Heaven and Hell here too.  This shares also the signs of the times today.