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Episode # 1739 - Monday With Mary Interviewing Emily Troscinski

July 31, 2017

Due to Father Anthony unable to do the show today because of schduling conflicts, as well as Mary FioRito, who usually does the show on Monday's is away too for business, this is a rerun from July 17th, 2017.  Thank you.

Today Mary FioRito is back with us after being away for a little while and live (or was live  earlier) on the show today and today she joined in the studio by Emily Troscinski, the Executive Director at Illinois Right to Life, who happens to be 8 months pregnant in fact too, congratulations. But the main focus these women discuss today is on The Illinois Right to Life organization itself, being one of the oldest organizations in Illinois and both women share the mission statement of Illinois Right to Life, and the work the organization helps out and works with, such as Pro-Life and abortion, suicide, and others.  Emily talks about Planned Parenthood and what Illinois Right to Life has done to help and many women and families.  Another topic the two women discuss, obviously is abortion and what Emily and Mary have done to help on that too.  Another thing is they share their feelings on a recent article written in the Chicago Tribune yesterday on Sunday July 16th.  Emily also talks about the various volunteers and workers for Illinois Right to Life and what it has been like working with them and what they have contributed to the organization.  For more information on Mary FioRito and Emily Troscinski and Illinois Right to Life, visit online at:   

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