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Episode # 1738 - Getting Through The Struggles Of Life

July 28, 2017

Due to Father Anthony being away for his treatments, and he's still recovering and doing very well and recovering well, this is another rerun from July 14th.  Thank you.

Flying solo today, Father Anthony is back with us and live (or was live) today on the show, after a few reairs have been going all week since Wednesday and he  has Producer Nick with him and Tony may make it on the show too.  Father Anthony has been swamped with work a lot at Saint Stanislaus Kostka due to Christina out for medical reasons, but resting up and recovering.  Due to all this work related stress, Father Anthony talks about the constant “battle” or the Spiritual Battle we all go through in our lives, as well as hoe Life Itself can be rough and tough, but joyful too.  He also points out ways of dealing with our anger when we get frustrated and stress, ways of avoiding taking out on those we care about and love, and ways to remind us how Life can be tough, but with God and Jesus’s help, we get through the struggles of Life.   He also points out how Saint Stans is working on providing an answering service for callers to call in, to the Church and not the show yet, who are struggling and you could say have private conversations and/or confessions with Father Anthony or share their problems through a voicemail message for Father Anthony to hear and provide console and help for all, as well as put our trust in God.  After the first break, Producer Nick joins the conversation to share his own personal experience in what Father Anthony is talking about today, dealing with all kinds of stress and struggles in Life, but trying to find time to rest and have fun and be with his girlfriend, family, and friends.  With God still in our lives, Father Anthony says He doesn’t put us in the struggles, but He helps us and guides us out of those struggles and redeems and forgives us.