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Episode # 1734 - Discussing The Illinois Budget Crisis

July 24, 2017

Due to being National News and in the news for the state and back by popular demand, this is a rerun from July 10th, 2017.  Thank you.

It’s Monday again and Mary FioRito joins us as the hostess today on Monday July 10, 2017 and with her again is a recurring guest, Bob Gilligan of the Catholic Conference of Illinois again.  With so much to talk about, one of the main focuses is State Politics, which concerns many things, including that Bob Gilligan needs to pay attention to much of this, down in Springfield for one thing.  One big subject is the Illinois Budget Crisis that has been in then news and has become National News, with Bob talking about for those that may not be too familiar with what happened, but Bob brings up the key facts that the state decided to vote and choose regarding how to fix Illinois’s budget crisis. This includes many concerns politicians and people have in terms of tax increases and pressure and struggles that many now face.  Bob and Mary talk about what the politicians had to face when dealing with this situation.  One of the major concerns Mary and Bob have with this is the decisions to help stabilize this crisis and try to fix it, but how the decisions, as stated before, is how these decisions affect people, including several of the church programs that Mary and Bob help out and work with. This also affects schools, families, and the church itself with new tax increases and possibly more financial problems.  Bob also provides facts on how the budget may seem alright, but perhaps there may be other problems or possible problems.  However, Bob Gilligan provides for Mary and everyone listening and the entire state of Illinois, some solutions that are positive and provide much help, not only to Catholic Schools and Public Schools, but the church and Illinois citizens.  On a different subject, is the discussion for certain bills passed in Illinois recently, some dealing with abortion and Pro-Life issues.  For more on Mary FioRito and Bob Gilligan and their discussion regarding the Illinios Budget Crises, visit online at:              

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