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Episode # 1720 - Happy 4th Of July 2017

June 30, 2017

Due to the July 4th holiday, this is a rebroadcast from 2014 which aired on July 3rd, because the 4th fell on a Saturday way back then.  This will officailly air on Tuesday July 4th, 2017.  Thank you and from all of us at Winds of Change, Happy 4th Of July everyone.  

Father Anthony wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July for everyone and from all of us here at The Winds Of Change.  Also, since he missed it yesterday, Father Anthony wishes Christina today a delayed Happy Birthday, with Christina sharing how her birthday went as well, thanking everyone who celebrated with her, as well as two, yes two Family Reunions coming up this holiday weekend.  With the 4th of July being here, Father Anthony shares with us the history behind this, how America dealt and led to being free from the rule of King George and the English/Great Britain, as well as the history of the original 13 colonies, very important individuals who contributed to this, and  Declaration of Independence being written up.   However, much is also shared in terms of things people do with family and friends; such as picnics and parties, dinners, family reunions, going to places like baseball games, and other things family and friends celebrate.  After various historical people/references surrounding the 4th of July, Father Anthony asks Christina and Tony their feelings on this, not only the history of it, but the present things too, as well as not only political figures involved, but God Himself helped out in giving us gifts to our rights as a nation.  The idea of "Freedom" or what freedom is in terms of various subjects/interpretations is brought up here, not only or freedom as a nation, but other things, such as the Laws/Commandments Of God or recent concepts such as Religious Freedom.  The Five Laws Of Liberty are also brought up during this 4th of July show and celebration, in terms of not only in the past and hopeful future, but in the present day, seeing how times have changed and things have changed, with Christina and Tony voicing their opinions and beliefs.    
Again from all of us here at The Winds Of Change, Happy 4th Of July Everyone.