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Episode # 1718 - Questions Raised About Prayer, The Church, And Turning To God

June 30, 2017

Due to the funeral for Gerry Spatz today, this is a rebroadcast from January 13th, 2017.  Thank you and from all of us here at Winds Of Change, we wish for Gerry Spatz to be at peace and may she rest in peace.

TGIF everyone and Father Anthony is happy to announce that this year has had 40,000 prayers from people all over the world and since that is the opening subject, Father Anthony talks about prayer in general, as well as why it’s necessary.  This leads to talking about the kids at St. Stans School having confessions this week, with Father Anthony talking about how well the children did and how there were.  This brings to mind the notion of “silence” that silence isn’t bad, but in times of silence, as Tony says, a person can feel God’s presence and get the feeling of being able to move on at times, as well as Father Anthony reminding us of the Spiritual Battle we find ourselves in at times.  With his Feast Day yesterday, Father Anthony talks about The Feast Day Of St. John Of The Cross today after the first break.  With all this important information and facts discussed, Father Anthony brings up the question that has been probably on everyone’s mind in America: “What will make America great again?”  with him providing some interesting results.