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Episode # 1709 - Mary And Paster Caeser LaFlore

June 16, 2017

Due to scheudling complcataions, Mary will not be able to make it to the show live for next week Monday June 19th, so this is a rebroadcast from last Monday June 12th.  Thank you and this will officailly air on Monday June 19th. 

It’s Monday with Mary FioRitio and today she is very, very excited to have on with her today, Pastor Caeser LaFlore Pastor from The Spirit of Liberty Church of God, founder and President of PowerLight Ministries in Chicago, as well as being in charge of many Pro-Life Organizations, the minority outreach director for the Illinois Federation for Right to Life.  Leading into the discussion Mary and Pastor LaFlore are going to talk aobut, brings to mind the tragic shootings and deaths that occurred this past weekend, leading to talking about violence, which abortion in a way is.  Pastor LaFlore shares with all about his Faith, as well as his feelings on the work he does with women and people, in particular the African-American community with Pro-Life.  Pastor LaFlore shares his feelings on how he got involved in dealing with abortion and Pro-Life and as he says, “its impact in the black community” with him sharing some very personal stories surrounding his involvement with this particular issue.  After the first break, Pastor LaFlore talks about some of the people he has met during his time with dealing with abortion and Pro-Life, but also during recent workshops he’s been at in talking about Pro-Life, leading to talking about racism here.  He also goes into talking about how many children in the African-American community come from a single parent home and talks about how times are different and perhaps why the violence has risen as well, due to the “destruction of the black family” Pastor LaFlore says being an expert on family.  With Mary asking more questions on this, Pastor LaFlore also points out how not only on family itself, but due to the Father’s not being around, how the children suffer and perhaps lead to the rise of violence in people, in Chicago as mentioned, with Pastor LaFlore talking about his own family, being from a family of eight and how his family was.  This also raises some points on how the music in this particular group can be very violent and vulgar which can or could be related to some of this too.  Mary too relates with people she has helped too.  This also brings to mind many issues surrounding the African-American Community in terms of marriages and employment.  On a final note, Mary asks Pastor LaFlore on what can be done or can be done this summer at least to try to stop the violence.    

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