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Episode # 1094 - Interview With Author Dawn Eden

February 5, 2015

Father Anthony is back and the show begins a bit with fun stuff with Father Anthony being silly in teasing Tony for being on time yesterday for the show, but runs late sometimes for Father Anthony.  The weather and cold is on everyone's mind today, but good news is that the sun is out, despite the fact it's cold outside though.  Also, the show is very special because on today is American Catholic author and journalist, Dawn Eden, who has been tried to get on the show since last year, December and she is excited to be on as well as everyone, including Father Anthony being extremely excited too.  The discussion leads to talk about her new book that is out too, as well as her previous works.  Dawn not only talks about her books, but also about herself from her past as a student, as well as herself and family, some of it "rocks" being associated with Rock N Roll.  She also talks about not only her name and it's association with the Church you could say, but also her books with what she writes about and why, as well as their possible purposes.  As the interview continues, Father Anthony asks Dawn many questions regarding her feelings on God's love, as well as concepts within the Church and how God knows you as a person.  Towards the end of the show, Dawn talks about her works, in terms of how they have helped people and her, as well as what she writes about.  For more information on Dawn Eden and her books, visit online at: .