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Epiosde # 1707 - A Lighthearted Thursday

June 15, 2017

Due to the recent storms that passed through Chicago yesterday and last night, Father Anthony's flight back got canceled until this afternoon and couldn't make it in for the show.  Once again, this is a reair from June 1st, 2017 and May 11th 2017.  Thank you.

TGIAF again on this Thursday and Father Anthony is with us along with Tony and Christina today and once again in the Spiritual Battle.  In particular, Father Anthony and Tony talk about some impressive sights seen the Processions going on, which will be going on this weekend too.  With the Saint Stanislaus Kostka School Open House going on today, Father Anthony brings to mind the changes in society.  This also continues the discussion from Tuesday with how things have changed and as everyone talked about, turned the world we live in upside down, as well as continuing who we are and what we are in terms of the service to the Church and to God, as well as taking us out of and bringing us back to our comfort zones and deepening our Faith in God.  After the first break, because Producer Nick checked in on everyone and made sure everything and everyone is okay, Father Anthony goes on how everyone is tired and a nonstop day and week, but have to keep going.  Father Anthony also continues on being interviewed by many due to the Jubilee year, as well as filming going on around, including when he went to Rome recently too, as well as bringing up other things going on around everyone.