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Episode # 5101 – The Two Tony’s On The Change In The Times

May 9, 2019

It’s Thursday with the Two Tony’s and they start off by discussing the 150th Jubilee Book recently made for Saint Stanislaus Kostka, in similar ways to how a High School Yearbook is.  Sharing many of the memories and pictures in the book, explaining many aspects of the parish.  However, they continue their discussion from Tuesday with discussing religion in the world and how there are many questions raised, not just in terms of our faith, but why a lot of people focus on themselves and with technology today, cell phones mainly, it leads to a lot of distractions and aids in the focus to oneself.  This in turn relates to how things are the way they are today and how people with all this may or may not at times lose their faith in God.  The Two Tony’s try to answer some of the questions that may rise up from this, reflecting the times we live in and face the reality of how the world is stressful, but the Two Tony’s remind us it’s joyful too.