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Episode # 5734 – Columbus Day 2021

October 11, 2021

Happy Columbus Day loyal listeners and Lauretta Froelich is running the show solo today.  She is very excited because she has 3, yes 3 guests lined up.  First up, she has Lou Bago, Coordinator and Marshall of Chicago’s Annual Columbus Day Parade and the President of the Italian American Human Relations Foundation of Chicago and with Lauretta, they discuss some of the history of Christopher Columbus.  Her second guest is none other than Mary FioRito, who’s kids are off from school and she gives the latest update on the Parental Notification of Abortion Act.  And finally, Lauretta is pleased to welcome Ken Torrens, Coordinator of the Sword of Prayer Conference to discuss the Sword of Prayer itself and upcoming events for it.  For more information on Lauretta’s guests and upcoming events for their organizations, please visit:

Lou Rago:

Mary FioRito:  and

Dr. Ken Torrens: