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Episode # 5633 – Mary And Lauretta Discuss Events During Pentecost

May 24, 2021

Mary FioRio has returned to us after being involved with lots of things, good things, such as graduations and Mother’s Day too.  With Lauretta, Mary are very excited and they talk about how Pentecost was for both of them.  Joining them on the show, we are privileged to have Jimmy Archer from The Ark and The Dove, talking about the gifts and fruits provided by the Holy Spirit.  Jimmy and the ladies also discuss The Ark and The Dove in terms of all the work it’s been doing to help people.  During the second half of the show, Mary and Lauretta discuss a significant event taking place in the Pro-Life community, the Supreme Court hearing arguments surrounding abortion laws in Mississippi, in the case of Roe v. Wade.  For more information on Mary, Lauretta, The Ark and The Dove and the Roe v. Wade case, visit online at:

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