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Episode # 5540 – Father Koys Holding Out For Divine Intervention From The Chaos At The Capital

January 13, 2021

Father Koys is here for his first show of the New Year and he is ready to wrinkle your brains.  Today, he shares his feelings on what happened last week, with the Chaos at the Capital and how much is happening in the government lately, as next week Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next President.  Father Koys is also holding out for Divine Intervention with what happened in Washington and how such a riot could happen and occur, as well as things stolen from politicians such as laptops.  To aid this discussion, Father Koys quotes John Horvat on his article about the Capital Riots.  He also talks about the recent updates and data on Covid-19, which has resulted in lockdowns in other countries and how they have affected the populace in order to control and stop the spread of the disease, as well as the good things providing hope.