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Episode # 5526 – Christmas Eve 2020 With The Two Tony’s

December 24, 2020

The Two Tony’s are here on Christmas Eve, with lots of things to not only discuss, but also to prepare for Christmas tomorrow.  This leads the two to discuss many things about Christmas and the birth of Christ, which in turn brings about our faith in God and the need for prayer, as well as to submit and accept God and His help and when he came in flesh.  Father Anthony also shares his Christmas Message with all you loyal listeners, to bring peace, love, joy, and goodwill to all who are listening and for this year.  This also brings to mind the importance of the Mass, in particular the Christmas Mass.  Father Anthony shares a poem written by Henry Wadsworth and how it can be an inspirational and powerful poem and message to us all this year. 

From all of us at Winds of Change, Merry Christmas Everyone.