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Episode # 5524 – The Two Tony’s On Christmas Approaching

December 24, 2020

Due to technical issues, this is a delayed podcast from December 22nd.  Thank you and we apologize.

The Two Tony’s are back today and as Christmas approaches in 2 days, the feelings is not only joy, but how fast it has come up again.  Father Anthony reminds everyone that this is the Season of Our Lady, as well as Christmas and they discuss that.  On the other hand, Father Anthony talks about all the funerals he’s had in the past two weeks, busy and sad with all that going on.  Father Anthony also talks about how Jupiter and Saturn were seen last night (some areas couldn’t see due to weather), but it hasn’t been seen in 400 years, since the birth of Christ and how it’s a reference of light pointing to the place where God took on flesh and born of the Virgin Mary.