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Episode # 5522 – The Two Tony’s On Renewing Your Church

December 24, 2020

Due to technical issues, this is a delayed podcast from December 18th.  We apologize and thank you.

TGIF with the Two Tony’s everyone and they are excited to be here.  First of all, Father Anthony and Tony reflect on how Producer Nick and Tony did a good job yesterday on the show and Father Anthony says that he had a funeral yesterday too.  The biggest announcement Father Anthony talks about is the recent activity of renewing your church, from the Archdiocese working on merging and grouping some churches and others staying individual.  Their decision regarding Saint Stanislaus Kostka will be happening today, with the Two Tony’s discussing the pros and cons on this.  This brings to mind many factors that have been talked about, not only on the show, but within the Church itself.  This brings to mind accepting the knowledge and guidance of God in these times.