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Episode # 5497 – Being Prepared By The Lord

November 13, 2020

TGIF everyone and the Two Tony’s start off on a good note, talking about the seasons, with how the weather in Chicago was cold, then spring like and back to cold and chilly.  With that in mind, they discuss the recent government rules in how the city of Chicago and the state has put up more rules and a stay at home advisory coming up with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming.  With the month of November here, the Two Tony’s discuss some of the Gospel Readings and those who are considered foolish, bringing to mind discussing the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God and our relationship with Him, turning back to yesterday’s discussion, with the Two Tony’s talking about the reality we are in and how the Lord prepares us for things and if He does, how?  Especially with the way things are in the world and Father Anthony goes back to The Lord of the Rings to help.