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Episode # 5489 – Election Day 2020

November 3, 2020

It’s Election Day and Father Anthony points encourages everyone to vote on this very important day in America.  Flying solo today, Father Anthony has much to discuss.  First off, he points out voting and again, encourages everyone to vote, sharing how good it feels to vote.  Next, he shares how the social unrest and riots continue out in Chicago, seeing how businesses are preparing their stores for whatever the outcome, pointing out how much has changed and to ask ourselves on what has happened, besides Covid-19.  This in turn brings up how with so much changing and being unlawful at times, it deviates us away from God and our need for God, as well as bringing up a need for everyone to keep their faith and rise up.  After the second break, Producer Nick joins Father Anthony for a bit to discuss how his Halloween went and how it was different this year.  Finally, Father Anthony shares with everyone an article he read recently: Catholics As Strangers relating to what he’s been talking about, that Jesus didn’t deceive us and that in life we will have troubles, but to take courage with them.