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Episode # 5483 – Mary And The Trinity Of Phone Guests

October 26, 2020

It’s Monday with Mary and she is very excited, because she has 3 guests on the show today.  Starting off the show, Mary is happy to welcome back Professor Carter Snead of Notre Dame Law School and author of the book What It Means To Be Human and the discussion is Judge Amy Coney Barrett recently appointed to the Supreme Court and more on his book.  The second guest she has on is our very own Oscar Delgado and with him on the show for a change, he and Mary discuss his new documentary Two Crowns the Movie which will premiere in Chicago today.  And for the final segment of the show, Mary has Andrea Picciotti Bayer on and they discuss a case the Supreme Court may take up next week involving foster care.  For more information on Mary and her 3 guests, visit online at…

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