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Episode # 5420 – Father Koys On The Irrational Fears In The World And Society

July 29, 2020

A change of pace today for a Wednesday with Father Koys. Since he is busy conducting Vacation Bible School for the remainder of the summer, he comes on the show to us by phone. Mainly, he talks again about our world and society and the way it is today. His main focus is the rise in irrational fear, due to the Covid-19 Crisis, as well as other aspects and to try to help calm it. He encourages all to go to the website: www.flattenthefear in order to help those who may be still struggling with the pandemic. He shares statistics and facts that have led to the rise in irrational fears in people due to all this and important information regarding Covid-19, not only in terms of the virus itself, but things opening and reopening up. Remember, as Father Koys suggested, visit online at: